That That : PSY's 2022 single featuring BTS' SUGA becomes first K-pop music video of the year to reach 300m views on YouTube

A still from the music video That That by PSY feat. BTS' SUGA. (Image via Instagram/@42psy42)
A still from the music video That That by PSY feat. BTS' SUGA. (Image via Instagram/@42psy42)

BTS' SUGA and PSY's collaboration single That That achieved a magnificent feat earlier this month, when it became the first K-pop music video to reach 300 million views on YouTube this year, that too in just over 99 days.

The music video was released on April 29, at 6 pm KST and at around 1 pm on August 7, it hit the 300 million mark.


The spunky track features SUGA and PSY partying hard and has garnered praise for its playful, electric vibe. The song's catchy hook and boundless energy has attracted audiences world-wide. ARMYs, in particular, loved the video because it showcased a rarely-seen, wilder side of BTS' rapper SUGA.

BTS' SUGA's fiesty collaboration with PSY accumulated more than 4 million likes in the first 24 hours

That That, produced by (and featuring) BTS' SUGA, is an absolute blast of a song from start to finish, and harnesses the easy-going bounce of some of PSY's most successful works.

The song amassed a viewership of 28.4 million and raked in 4.1 million likes in the first twenty-four hours after its release.

The video features PSY donning a cowboy-themed outfit as he celebrates his comeback in 2022. BTS' SUGA looked dapper in an off-white pantsuit as he shook a leg with PSY.

'That That' by PSY (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS) accumulated over 28.4 million views and 4.1 million likes in its first 24 hours.

PSY is known to be a lively and eclectic artist and his hit singles throughout the years have been the life of every party. While he was his typical, fun self in the music video, viewers loved how SUGA, usually of a calmer demeanor, matched PSY's energy in every way, making their amazing chemistry a hit among fans.

Ahead of SUGA's entry in the music video, PSY also did the signature step of his worldwide hit single, Gangnam Style.

PSY spilled details about the run up to the iconic collaboration with BTS' SUGA


During an episode of Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything) on April 30, PSY explained how, one day, he received a text from SUGA who proposed a meet up. At the meet up, the latter brought the instrumental for the song (That That) and asked PSY if he would sing the beat, thereby resulting in the iconic collaboration.

PSY expressed his gratitude to the BTS member for working with him on the project.

That That soared to number one on iTunes Top Songs in at least 73 countries including United States, Japan and Canada. The album, Psy 9th, also reached No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums in several countries.

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