Top 5 unknown facts about BTS' Suga

BTS' Suga (Image via Twitter/BTS)
BTS' Suga (Image via Twitter/BTS)

Min Yoon-gi, better known as Suga, is a well-known South Korean rapper. He is a member of the global South Korean pop group BTS. He made his debut in the group in 2013.

Agust D, his first solo mixtape, debuted at number three on the Billboard charts. Suga takes on various roles in BTS and has been featured as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

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5 lesser-known facts about BTS’ Suga

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5) He loves Indian cuisine

Suga once sent a text to an Indian man(From Kerala) delivering his food in South Korea, he said he delivered the food to BTS a few times.... He even told how humble and respectful they are!💜🥺BTS is the best💜🤧 Here's the whole video👇

The Korean singer has expressed a fondness for Indian food. It was also revealed that the singer once texted an Indian delivery agent and made a thoughtful gesture by asking him to drive carefully on a rainy day.

4) When he is anxious or weeping, he speaks with a satoori accent

Suga is known for talking in his satoori accent when he gets nervous

The Stay Alive producer speaks with a satoori accent when he's nervous or unhappy. Since Suga and Taehyung were born in Daegu, Korea, they frequently use their satoori accent (a regional dialect).

3) Medical complications

Going back to this vid... suga has been enduring the pain since then without us noticing how serious his injury is. Mad respect to this man. #GetWellSoonYoongi

The singer underwent surgery for appendicitis in 2013 at Severance Hospital in South Korea. Due to his medical condition, he was unable to attend the award ceremony. He had already suffered a ear injury in 2016, which forced him to miss his performance practices.

2) Social contributions


On his 25th birthday, he donated food to approximately 40 orphanages in the name of the ARMY. He gave $88,000 to a Korean foundation (Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation) on the occassion.

Furthermore, Suga and Kim Hee Sun have made considerable donations to help survivors of the continuous wildfire that started on Korea's eastern coast earlier this month.

1) He supports the LGBTQ community

Pic 1 is suga wearing the LGBT vansPic 2 is gulf wearing pride air force. Seeing something as small as these makes me feel proud to stan them. That they support the lgbtq community🌈

The rapper has aided the community and even expressed concern about their mental wellbeing. His biggest act of support for the LGBT community came when he disclosed his thoughts on same-sex couples.

Happy 28th Birthday SUGA 💜.Thanks for healing me through your lyrics ,rap,music and humour.Thanks for being one of the most outspoken artists for LGBT community and mental illness.Thanks for being savage af,so I can steal your lines nd brag among my homies. SARANGHAE SUGA 💜

In his speech, the rapper expressed no prejudice, saying:

“There is nothing wrong about it, we are all the same, we can be happy with whoever we want.”

He stated this in an interview with Billboard Japan after being asked about the song Same Love, which is about same-sex marriage.

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