"Stay Alive": BTS ARMYs help raise funds for Ukraine

ARMYs help raise funds for Ukraine (Image via BTS/Twitter)
ARMYs help raise funds for Ukraine (Image via BTS/Twitter)

BTS fans have donated major amounts to help Ukraine in this difficult time. The group's fan base can be found around the world. During a crisis, individuals seek safety in safe places such as metro stations and educational institutions.

The Ukrainian BTS ARMYs reached out about the issues they were facing and the International Army was quick to take action.

As a result, ARMYs from all over the world are uniting together to raise funds to support the people of Ukraine. The groups fans are raising funds to meet the $1 million donation goal. The ARMY did the same for the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

A few fans are even attempting to assist the Ukrainian Armys who have left their country.

Ukraine receives heartfelt messages and help from BTS ARMYs with the hashtag #BTSArmyForUkraine going viral

Recently, a few Korean media outlets reported on the BTS ARMYs donating to the UN to help citizens of Ukraine.

Fans are praying for the safety of everyone in Ukraine. Simultaneously, they are updating information on charities that are assisting Ukrainians in this time of crisis.

The hashtag is still trending after ARMYs shared messages and donated money to help Ukraine in its time of need.

A Ukrainian fan posted a heartbreaking photo of people sleeping at the Kyiv Metro Station. It's a large birthday advertisement for J-Hope that was organized before the crisis.

International ARMYs say 'Stay Alive'

Fans also mentioned that Jungkook's latest song Stay Alive is giving them hope with meaningful lyrics as the lyrics say,

"Please, you stay alive, please, you stay alive, The shadows are getting bigger, It's okay, it's thanks to your great light, The profit of my life is you, you always smile like that, you are very similar to me, I am very similar to you."

The song is emotional and heartwarming. With the crisis having reached such levels, BTS ARMYs donations will be of significant help to the nation and its people. Since the fandom managed to raise such a great of donation in 2020, it's almost guaranteed that the goal will be accomplished once again, especially since the fandom has only grown in these years.

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