BTS on ‘Escape 2021’: Where to watch and what to expect in YouTube’s year-end live stream

BTS' 'Butter' concept photo (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS' 'Butter' concept photo (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

YouTube has given fans a taste of the K-pop powerhouse BTS’ time on Escape 2021 - their year-end 24-hour live stream. The video streaming platform added a teaser of the group in the preview at the start of the live stream, and it has everyone excited for the event.

From Minecraft figurines of BTS performing Butter to playful quizzes regarding their iconic butter melting live stream - there’s a lot in store for ARMYs.

BTS Minecraft version perform Butter and more in YouTube’s ‘Escape 2021’

The seven BTS members have had a phenomenal 2021 with their smash hits Butter and Permission to Dance; not to forget their historic second-time Grammy nominations, UN speeches, presidential envoy status, record-making Billboard artists, and so much more.

Capturing the K-pop supergroup’s moments in Escape 2021 (a rather similar yet unique version of YouTube Rewind according to fans) was a given. Escape 2021 is divided into three chapters and spread across 24 hours, to keep the momentum going.

Each chapter will be "completely unique," as stated by YouTube. There will also be a final chapter that is expected to be a bombshell of a surprise for fans.

What can ARMYs expect in YouTube’s ‘Escape 2021’?

YouTube teased BTS’ feature with classic Minecraft mugshots of the members on its Twitter account ahead of the live stream. In chapter 1 of Escape 2021, they teased a celebratory Butter performance by the group’s Minecraft version characters at the start of the interactive live stream.

Another interactive thing up their sleeves is quizzes based on the K-pop supergroup. BIGHIT MUSIC’s tactic for live streaming butter being melted, as a part of their promotional activity, was lauded by many. It had millions of fans tuned in for more than an hour just to see what their upcoming release would be.

Playing on the same page, YouTube quizzed ARMYs with fun questions related to butter. Check out some of them below:

Where can we watch BTS on ‘Escape 2021’?

Escape 2021 is streaming live on YouTube. Click here to redirect to the live stream.

When will BTS appear on YouTube’s ‘Escape 2021’?

After a short preview of Minecraft BTS performing Butter, expectations are definitely climbing as fans can’t wait to see the iconic crossover.

As the next chapter's countdown is currently going on, an ARMY made things easier for fellow fans. BTS’ Butter performance will likely appear in chapter 2. But there are also chances that YouTube will keep them towards the end to keep the curiosity up.

Meanwhile, ARMYs are laughing on their own by trending #BTSRewind. They posted their favorite moments from the K-pop supergroup’s time in 2021 and took a trip down memory lane with each other.

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