4 extravagant projects for BTS' V's birthday in 2022

BTS' V turns 27 this year and is the last of the members to celebrate his birthday. (Image via GETTY IMAGES/ DIA DIPASUPIL)

BTS' V turns 27 on December 30, 2022. Kim Tae-hyung, a member of the powerhouse septet of South Korea, is known to be a prolific singer with an incredible baritone and deeply emotional vocals. Alongside this, he is also famous for being an exceptional model who graced the cover of Vogue Korea in October this year.

It will be the singer's first birthday since BTS announced that they would take part in South Korea's conscription policy, following which Jin enlisted earlier this month. Despite 2022 being a bittersweet year for fans, it seems that they are ready to go to great lengths to ensure that BTS' V has a memorable birthday this year as well.

Record-breaking cafe events, multiple advertisements, and other birthday projects that celebrate BTS' V

1) Adopting endangered animals in the singer's name

BTS always encourages fans to spread goodness around the world and even directly offers donations and supports charities themselves.

Baidu Viva, one of the biggest fanclubs of BTS' V in China, decided to take a page out of their book and adopt four animals, including a tiger (which is considered to be the vocalist's representative animal along with a bear) from Hongshan Forest Zoo. This means that the fanclub will sponsor all the needs of the animals, ensuring that the best care is taken of them.

Considering Kim Tae-hyung's love of animals, especially his dog Yeontan, this project is sure to mean a lot to the Winter Bear singer.

2) Multiple cafe events across countries and lavish advertisements

One of the most prominent fanbases of BTS' V in Korea, NUNA V, has a lineup of grandiose projects in honor of the idol's birthday. Advertisements on buses, bus-stops, and even a 7-ELEVEN store close to HYBE's headquarters have been on display for a week. Incheon Airport has also been decked with a few displays dedicated to Kim Taehyung.

Apart from other lavish spreads in Japan, the fanbase has organized events in Lucky Ducky cafe in Myeong-dong (Seoul, South Korea), Cafe Aside in Hongdae (Seoul), L'ombre 378 Cafe near HYBE's headquarters (Seoul), Ping-Pong Ba cafe (Tokyo, Japan), and Lucy’s Sweet Cafe (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

Lucky fans have even won the opportunity to stay at the Skypark Hotel, in rooms prepared specifically for V's birthday.

3) First ever birthday advertisement on Oculus

Another fanbase of BTS' V arranged for an advertisement on the Oculus near the World Trade Center in New York. This makes the vocalist the first ever person to have a personalized birthday advertisement dedicated to them on top of the structure.

Considered one of the most beautiful places in New York, the Oculus was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who also designed parts of the redeveloped Rio during the Olympics, and opened for public use in 2016.

4) Fans donated so that many children could have a warm winter

In one of the most heart-warming birthday projects of this year, @VGlobalUnion on Twitter organized a charity donation in Kim Tae-hyung's name.

Fans of BTS' V present in many different corners of the world contributed generously and raised KRW 4,518,902 (roughly $3590). This amount was eventually donated to Save the Children Korea, who will use the money to cover heating costs for youngsters who may not have access to the same.

The aforementioned events, however, are not the only birthday projects by fans of BTS' V who want to showcase their love for the Korean singer. Fans from the Philippines have organized multiple donation drives and advertisements in Tae-hyung's name, as have fans from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Dubai, the US, etc.

On December 25, V put out a cover of the classic holiday song It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, which was appreciated by K-pop lovers and non-enthusiasts alike. While other BTS members including j-hope, Jin, and RM have all released solo albums, V is yet to announce a date for his release, having teased fans about his project since 2020.

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Edited by Susrita Das