BTS drops an OT7 selca ahead of Jin’s military enlistment

Featuring BTS (Image via BTS_twt_)
BTS' oldest member has left for military service. (Image via BTS_twt_)

On 13 December, BTS posted an OT7 selca for ARMYs ahead of the band's oldest member's military enlistment. The members took to Twitter to showcase their love for Jin and informed their fans that their hyung had safely arrived at the training center. The band posted two pictures on Twitter with the caption, stating:

“Our hyung! Go back and come back safely!”

The first picture shows the members lined up together, posing for the camera, and Jungkook is seen touching Jin’s newly shaved head. On December 11, Jin revealed his military buzzcut on Weverse.

In the second picture, the members are gathered around in a circle, looking cheerful while surrounding Jin and patting his shaved head. ARMYs, who are known for being eagle-eyed, were quick to note that Jimin had dyed his hair blonde.

Kim Tae-hyung made his return to South Korea on December 12 to bid goodbye to Jin ahead of his military enlistment. On the same day, ARMYs spammed Twitter and expressed their hopes for getting an OT7 selca before the member enlists in the military.

Although BTS members didn’t leave the training center to greet the media and fans due to safety concerns, the media present in the location were able to capture some of the moments of Jin’s car entering the training center.

ARMYs express their sadness at BTS' Jin's departure for the military

It was previously announced by the band's agency that every member of BTS will be enlisting for their military service sooner or later. The enlistment started with Jin, who is the oldest member, and will likely be followed by Suga and others.

However, fans are saddened that this will be the last time they get to see BTS together before 2025. Since the members will be occupied with their military duties as well as solo projects, it will be difficult to see them hanging out together like before.

Despite this, fans are prepared to bid goodbye to their favorite idols and are willing to wait for them to reunite in 2025. ARMYs have taken to Twitter to express their emotions through a number of thoughtful posts. Some shared the band's selca from when they made their debut and compared it to the selca BTS posted today.

More about BTS

BTS debuted nearly a decade ago under Big Hit Entertainment and worked hard to get to where they are now. Map of the Soul 7, Youth, Wings, Love Yourself: Answers are some of their most popular albums.

In 2020, when Covid-19 pandemic hit, the band composed an album titled BE, which consisted of hit tracks such as Life Goes On, Stay, Telepathy, and Blue and Grey, among others. The album reflected the experiences of each member of the group during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Korean powerhouse is famous for conveying their message of self-love and motivation. ARMYs believe that the septet's songs motivate them to become better people. Their English single Dynamite and Butter topped the Billboard charts as soon as they were released.

In October, Big Hit entertainment made an official announcement that every member of the band will soon enlist for their military duties and reunite again in 2025.

It has been reported that Suga will not enlist as an active-duty soldier in the military but will instead work as a public service worker due to his shoulder surgery.

J-hope also took to his Instagram, sharing photos of himself with Jin, wishing that he would stay healthy and happy while serving in the military.

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