South Korea’s military authority to strengthen security during BTS Jin’s enlistment

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On December 11, K-media reported that South Korea’s military authorities had planned to take the necessary steps to strengthen security during BTS member Jin’s enlistment date. This is being implemented by the authorities keeping in mind the protection of the idol and the other recruits and their families.

On November 24, Jin confirmed that he would enlist in the military on December 13, 2022, and would be discharged from the same on June 12, 2024. The unexpected news caused a stir among fans. On Weverse, the idol also asked ARMYs not to come to the training center on the day of his enlistment.

It is mandatory in South Korea for every male citizen to serve in the military for over two years.

K-media outlets have reported that the BTS member will enlist alongside some 200 other new recruits on the said day. The idol’s assigned training center’s parking lot is located within the main gate. This means that only recruits with enlistment notices and their families are allowed to enter the premises.

Authorities have planned out several steps to not only ensure the safety of the BTS member, but also that of others present at the training center.

Steps taken to ensure the safety of BTS’ Jin on his enlistment day

Jin recently uploaded a picture of himself with a shaved head on Weverse to show his fans that he is getting ready for military enlistment.

Military authorities have joined hands with the local police, fire department, and all significant regional government offices to tighten security in and around the training center, and take necessary steps in case any unpleasant situation arises.

It has been reported that on the said date, local police will dispatch over 200 riot police to maintain law and order in the area. The police will patrol the area to prevent any mishaps. There will also be arrangements for on-site ambulances in case of emergencies.

Additionally, there will be a special squad consisting of female and foreign officers capable of interpreting and translating to international fans that can be present in the potential crowd. The Yeoncheon district office will set up about 60 task force officers to crack down on illegal merchants.

The idol's agency, BigHit Entertainment, has also publicly announced that they will not hold any kind of special event on the enlistment day and asked for cooperation from the fans. They also asked fans to respect the privacy of the upcoming entrance ceremony and not to gather in big crowds at the center.

Despite Jin's request and a statement from BigHit discouraging people to gather at the venue, international fans have flocked over to the area and booked hotels so that they can adieu their idol. Locals are also taking advantage of the situation by putting up banners under the idol's name to profit from his enlistment.

Fans are worried about the artist’s privacy and many are raising concerns about the dire situation. However, current reports show that Jin will be able to enter the training center without much hassle.

The Astronaut: Jin's parting gift for fans before his enlistment

On October 28, the BTS member released his first ever solo track, The Astronaut, which was written by Coldplay. Many ARMYs have deemed the song to be the idol's way of bidding adieu to his fans before his enlistment.

He also sang the solo track in-person at the Argentina concert of Coldplay's MUSIC of the SPHERES Tour.

Say goodbye to a fan-favorite show HERE

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