7 things you might have missed in BTS Jin's The Astronaut MV

BTS Jin's The Astronaut concept photo sketch (Image via Weverse)

BTS Jin finally released his much anticipated solo debut single titled The Astronaut, and the ARMYs were moved to tears by the lyrics and the message portrayed in the music video.

The Astronaut, co-written by BTS Jin and Coldplay, was released as a gift to ARMYs before the group member goes to serve his mandatory military service. South Korea’s mandatory military service is to be served by all able-bodied Korean men before the age of 28.

BTS were exempted till the age of 30 due to the economic and cultural benefits they brought in for South Korea, however, Jin has refused to take those benefits and will be starting his 18 month service in the army before the end of this year.

After hearing of the devotion and love Jin put into his song for ARMYs, the fans were overcome with tears. Not only is the song sentimental, but the MV consists of many easter eggs for ARMYs to find. Let’s take a look at some of these hidden messages in the music video.

7 easter eggs in BTS Jin’s The Astronaut MV

1) Writings in Braille

BTS Jin has ARMY written in Braille on his neck in The Astronaut music video. However, this is not the only use of Braille in the music video, as the crossword puzzle he’s seen solving also says "For ARMY" in Braille.

2) Jin’s guitar

Briefly in the music video, one can spot BTS Jin’s guitar on the sofa, which was gifted to him by Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Chris had used this particular guitar for many years before gifting it to Jin because the BTS member expressed his fondness for the guitar. It is a sentimental gift as he is a huge fan of Coldplay. The entire room is also filled with Coldplay merch.

3) Chris Martin’s cameo

Not only did Coldplay help write the song, but Chris Martin also made a short cameo in The Astronaut music video as a news reporter. Many could have missed his fleeting appearance due to the wig that he donned to portray the role.

4) Newspaper ads

The newspaper in which BTS Jin was solving the crossword puzzle had two ads next to it. One of them stated that the planet would come back soon, which could allude to Jin going to the military and coming back. It also had an advertisement for the moon, which is what the BTS member refers to himself as in his song also titled Moon.

5) Earth as ARMY

BTS Jin shows a picture of the Earth and titles it home, indicating that the Earth is his home. In the music video, Jin plays the role of an alien who chooses to reside on Earth instead of going back to his planet. However, this is also a hidden message as the Earth is what Jin called ARMYs when he alluded to himself as the moon in his song, saying that his life revolves around ARMYs. Through this tiny reference, the BTS member is calling his fans his home.

6) Ami in Family

Towards the end of the music video, BTS Jin, while filling in the crossword, writes the letters "ami" to complete the word family. Ami is the romanised form of the Korean spelling of BTS’ fandom ARMY. This is a sentimental and poignant scene in the MV where Jin is pointing out that his fans are his found family and that they complete his family.

7) Stop signs

As Jin walks towards the spaceship to return home, all the street signs on the road say stop, which could indicate the confusion in his mind regarding whether he should stay on Earth or go back. The subliminal message expressed through the stop signs is pure cinematic excellence.

The music video is a cinematic masterpiece that shone even brighter because of BTS Jin’s incredible acting skills and mellifluous vocals that express the feelings of the song and mood of the MV perfectly.

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