"We did not want ARMYs to cry at our Busan concert": BTS Jin explains why enduring criticism after the military enlistment announcement was worth it

BTS Jin dished about his military enlistment (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
BTS Jin dished about his military enlistment (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

Shortly after the release of BTS Jin's debut single, The Astronaut, the singer took to Weverse to host a live session for his fans where he addressed several things, including the hit K-pop boy group's much-discussed military enlistment.

He revealed that he would be filing relevant documents as soon as he returns to Korea and shared that the group had been planning their military enlistment for quite some time now and wanted to reveal this during their ninth-anniversary Festa Dinner. However, their plans got delayed because of the Yet To Come Busan global concert which took place on October 15, 2022.

BTS Jin confessed that the group had also considered revealing the news of their military enlistment at the global Busan concert but decided against it as they did not want to bid ARMYs a tearful farewell.

β€œThe only reason that we did not announce our position regarding the military service was because we did not want ARMYs to cry at our Busan concert.”

BTS Jin reveals the exact timeline of events leading up to military enlistment

In his recent Weverse Live from Argentina, BTS Jin detailed the timeline of the events that led to his military enlistment.

Two days after wrapping their global concert in Busan, on October 17, 2022, BIG HIT MUSIC announced BTS members would enlist in the military, starting with the oldest member Jin.

BTS Jin clarified that BE was supposed to be their last album before the members had planned to enlist, but the pandemic got in the way, and the group decided to release a fun healing track called Dynamite.

Dynamite became a huge hit, and the group released two more English-language tracks, Butter and Permission to Dance.

Jin confessed that after Permission to Dance was released, the group planned to host a concert before enlisting in the military but were invited to perform at The Grammy Awards, for which they visited the US.

He revealed that following The Grammy Awards and Permission to Dance On Stage concerts, BTS Jin had planned to go forward with his enlistment plans.

BTS Jin shared that he wanted to enlist in the summer or fall max, but the septet was appointed as the cultural ambassadors for the 2030 World Expo by the Korean government and had to perform at BTS' Yet to Come global Busan concert on October 15 at Busan's Asiad Stadium.

The concert served as a perfect farewell for the group. They had initially decided to reveal their military plans during the global Busan concert, however, they did not want ARMYs to be emotional. Hence they decided to announce this news at a later date.

BTS Jin also spoke about the hate and negative comments the group faced during this period. He revealed that it was unfair that the group was receiving so much hate and that the members did feel sad about delaying military enlistment.

He confessed that it was painful for him, but ultimately the success of BTS' Busan concert and their fans' satisfaction was all worth it. BIG HIT MUSIC is yet to announce BTS Jin's official enlistment date, but The Astronaut hitmaker will start the official procedures when he returns to Korea.

BTS fans were naturally touched by Jin's gesture and took to social media to share their thoughts on his honest confession.

While inviting The Astronaut singer on stage at their recent concert, Chris Martin revealed that six months back, Jin contacted him saying he was to serve in the military for two years and needed a perfect farewell song.

BTS Jin performed The Astronaut at Coldplay's 2022-2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour in Argentina on the day of its release, his last live performance before enlistment.

BTS Jin dishes about The Astronaut


Besides the military discussion, Jin passionately spoke about The Astronaut and how the song came about. He revealed that he changed some verses in Korean, which Chris Martin liked, and they brainstormed over the song, wanting to craft it into a perfect parting gift for ARMYs.

They changed the entire song to Korean and included some English bits. Jin revealed he finished writing the song just a day before filming, and with Chris Martin's nod, they went ahead with the filming.

Jin shared that the song was challenging to film as they couldn't decide upon the recording process. They finally decided to make it a pop-rock song with a Korean trot vibe, popular in the 80s and 90s.

He revealed his group members loved the song and shared that it was the perfect song for the fall season and was humbled by the love and appreciation he received for it.

More details about Jin's military enlistment are awaited.

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