We Love You Jin trend takes over Twitter as fans fawn over BTS star's stunning live performance of The Astronaut ft. Coldplay

BTS' Jin performed The Astronaut at Coldplay's concert in Argentina (Image via Twitter/@btsgaveme2wings)

"We Love You Jin" took over Twitter trends as fans fawned over BTS' oldest member's stunning live performance of his debut solo, The Astronaut, at Coldplay's 2022-2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour concert in Buenos Aires in Argentina. BTS' Jin released his solo debut single, The Astronaut, on October 28, 2022.

The Astronaut is a pop-rock track with acoustic guitar and synth sounds, backed by Jin's soulful and soothing vocals and a comforting tone aided by Coldplay members' instrumentals. The backing vocals were provided by Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin and his son Moses Martin.

Argentinian ARMYs cheered BTS' Jin for his debut performance of The Astronaut, and the rest of the fans joined virtually through their social media accounts. Fans trended, "We are proud of you," "We Love you, Jin," and "We will wait for you, Jin," to congratulate the idol on a spectacular live performance of The Astronaut.

BTS' Jin wows fans with a spectacular live performance before enlistment

On October 17, BIG HIT MUSIC announced that BTS members would enlist in the military as per South Korean laws, starting with the oldest member of the group and then eventually other members of the group.

The septet plans to reconvene as a group in 2025. Shortly after this, BTS' oldest member announced that he would be releasing his debut solo album, a single titled The Astronaut, in collaboration with Coldplay. The song is co-written by BTS' oldest member and Chris Martin.

Post that, it was revealed BTS' oldest member would be flying to Argentina to perform The Astronaut live for fans at Coldplay's concert. As soon as the news gained traction, Argentina transformed into Bora Purple to welcome the BTS member into their country.

Fans gathered in large numbers at Buenos Aires airport to welcome the Epiphany singer. ARMYs even blocked one road leading to the airport, and he chose to use the private exit to avoid causing a stampede, revealing he was truly humbled at the sight of ARMYs.

He performed The Astronaut on October 28, the same day it was released, amidst loud cheers and applause from fans at the concert and ARMYs who had virtually tuned in to watch his live performance.

The River Plate Stadium, also known as El Monumental, also turned Purple to welcome BTS' oldest member to Argentina.

ColdTans (fans of both BTS and Coldplay) dressed up in BTS-themed merch to show their love and support for the Epiphany singer, who was performing for a live audience for the last time before he joins the military.

ARMYs even carried RJ (his self-designed merchandise) to show their love and support for the singer. Six months ago, Chris Martin revealed that Jin requested him to produce a heartwarming song which is a befitting parting gift to ARMYs, before he joins South Korea's mandatory service.

Chris Martin even revealed that The Astronaut singer pulled out all the stops to ensure it was perfect for ARMYs. The fans, too, showered love upon the idol as they flew across continents and oceans to watch him perform.

BTS' oldest member was visibly touched by the love and admiration he received for The Astronaut and deeply bowed to all the fans before departing the stage. He ended his performance by declaring:

“ I Love you ARMY”.

BTS Jin's The Astronaut dominates the worldwide iTunes Chart


The Astronaut dominated the worldwide iTunes Chart and hit number one in 97 countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France.

Not only that, BTS' oldest member became the third solo Korean artist in Hanteo history, followed by Lim Young Woong's IM HERO and EXO Baekhyun's Bambi to exceed 700,000 sales on the first day of its release with an astonishing 700,954 copies on October 28 itself.

The official music video for The Astronaut also surpassed 15.3 million views in just the first 20 hours of its release and is currently sitting at 18 million views on YouTube.

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