Watch: BTS Jin and Coldplay’s voices blend together in lulling preview for The Astronaut

BTS Jin in a concept photo for The Astroaut (Image via Twitter/@PopBase)
BTS Jin in a concept photo for The Astroaut (Image via Twitter/@PopBase)

On October 27, 2022, Coldplay dropped a brief teaser for BTS Jin's upcoming collab track, The Astronaut. The glimpse teases a harmonizing blend of Jin and Chris Martin's beautiful vocals via Coldplay's signature sound and Bangtan's touch.

Notably, the brief teaser only featured the English verses, keeping the Korean lines and, subsequently, BTS Jin's singing under wraps. This glimpse is the last big reveal before the official album and music video tomorrow, October 28, at 1 pm KST.

BTS fans get visibly emotional upon noticing Jin-related details in the teaser video

As soon as Coldplay dropped the dreamy teaser for The Astronaut featuring BTS Jin, fans got visibly emotional upon noticing "The Astronaut for Jin" in the teaser video.

After the release of BTS Jin's debut single album, accompanied by the music video of the same name, The Astronaut, on October 28, the talented member will join Coldplay at their concert in Argentina for a premiere performance of the new song.

BTS Jin is already in Argentina and received a hero's welcome from Argentinian ARMYs. He also attended Coldplay's concert on October 26, enjoying the show as a fan of the four-member British rock band.

Fans spotted him amongst the audience, grooving to his favorite tracks. He also got a shoutout from Chris Martin, saying,

"My brother Jin is here".

BTS' eldest member Jin will debut The Astronaut's live performance on Coldplay's MUSIC of the SPHERES world tour. The song is co-written and conceptualized by him and the band, with backing vocals by Chris Martin and his son Moses Martin.

This is BTS' second collaboration with Coldplay after the soulful My Universe, which was released last year, and has earned a great reception on global music charts.

BTS Jin receives an overwhelming welcome in Argentina

BTS' oldest member Jin received a hero's welcome when he arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for his special performance of The Astronaut. Argentinian ARMYs welcomed the BTS member with a lot of love and loud cheers and even painted the entire city purple to honor him.

To avoid chaos and commotion, BTS' oldest member Jin used the private exit, keeping in mind the fans' safety. He also apologized for not being able to meet fans personally.

He also chatted with fans on the fan-community platform Weverse, asking for food recommendations in the Latin American country.

Following the live concert debut, BTS member Jin's performance of The Astronaut will be uploaded to BTS' official YouTube channel BANGTAN TV.

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