"So emotional right now": Wholesome ARMY references in BTS Jin's The Astronaut sends fans into a frenzy

BTS Jin's The Astronaut is evoking heartwarming reactions from fans (Image via Twitter/@jkargento)

BTS Jin dropped his much-awaited single album The Astronaut, accompanied by the eponymous title track. The Interstellar-style music video is winning fans’ hearts for its heartwarming visuals, Jin’s soothing vocals and an overall comforting vibe.

The pop-rock track, co-written by BTS Jin and Coldplay, has backing vocals provided by band leader Chris Martin and his son Moses, with the rest of the Coldplay members providing instruments for the song.

Fans have been waiting for BTS Jin’s solo debut with bated breath and their reactions show that they absolutely loved it.

BTS Jin’s solo debut The Astronaut earns a winning response from fans worldwide, with several hidden references unearthed


ARMYs know that every BTS song or music video has several references to their past songs, themes and tough-to-find easter eggs. Expectedly, ARMYs put on their sleuthing hats and dug out some wholesome ARMY references from BTS Jin’s solo song The Astronaut, sending the fandom into a collective frenzy online.

Fans noted something tattooed under his right ear, which turned out to be “ARMY” written in Braille, a script used by blind people to read and write. The shot of the tattoo is also timed to when the lyrics state “I Love You” to the fans.

seokjin's braille on his neck means "ARMY" i can't do this anymore

In one of the moments in the music video, BTS Jin can be seen solving a crossword puzzle in a newspaper, and fans noted Braille script on that as well with the words Moon, Star, ARMY, Astronaut, Family, and Cozy, referencing BTS Jin’s solo song from Map of the Soul:7, his debut solo song, and the group’s fans.

@btsqtsarchive Same on the crossword puzzle.the blacked out areas say "For ARMY"... It's a lot. 😭

In the music video, BTS Jin is an outlander who lands on planet earth after an emergency landing. He befriends a little girl here and teaches her to ride a bike until one day he gets a signal from his planet to return home. The breaking news was delivered by Coldplay’s Chris Martin in a special cameo.

ARMYs believe it is BTS Jin’s life story. He originally wanted to be an actor and landed an audition from BIG HIT MUSIC (then: Big Hit Entertainment) before debuting as a singer with BTS. Despite BTS not being his initial dream, Jin gave it his all and found his family among the members and ARMYs, similar to the Astronaut’s journey to Earth and back to his planet.

the storyline just hits so much harder when we think about seokjin and how he joined bts. he never meant to be a singer, he wanted to be an actor, just like how the astronaut never meant to land on earth. but somehow he found bts, and found armys, and found his family and passion
@prodK0YA and that become his home im so sad

The little girl, who befriends Jin in the music video, treats him like a reliable older brother, pulling his cheeks and in return, he affectionately teaches her to ride a bike, watching her fly on her own. According to ARMYs, the little girl represents fans and Jin is teaching her to be independent and live without his support, watching her fly away.

Coincidentally, the little girl in the music video is nine years old, the same age as ARMYs as BTS debuted in 2013, and this is the fandom’s ninth anniversary as well. The little girl also has a purple helmet and a purple bicycle.

The little girl also represents the rest of the BTS members, whom Jin has raised and watched grow as the oldest member and brother of the group (Hyung).

Towards the end, Jin decided to stay back on the planet because he loves this place more than his own planet, similar to how he decided to stay back with BTS.

now i think the kid is representing ARMY who helped him find his dream as seokjin said in the countdown before
@jinniehun For me, she represents bangtan too. He raised them, saw them growing up and be there for them as their hyung 🥺
@jinniesarchives She's a 9 year old girl because that's how old ARMY is.... 🥹🥹🥹

On October 28, Jin will make a special guest appearance at Coldplay’s "Music Of The Spheres World Tour" in Argentina to debut The Astronaut for a live audience.

BTS Jin’s bandmates RM and j-hope give a proud shoutout to their hyung


Jin’s bandmates RM and j-hope took to Instagram to give Jin a shoutout for his debut single The Astronaut.

j-hope watched the music video on his TV screen and shared a photo of it on his Instagram stories, tagging him. He posted a few more photos and urged ARMYs to stream The Astronaut as well.

RM also shared a snap of him listening to Jin's soulful solo song and tagged him as well.

BTS member Jin’s The Astronaut entered the top 5 of the US iTunes chart hours after its release.

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