BTS' Jin to perform "The Astronaut" at Coldplay's Argentina concert happening next week

bts and coldplay
Seokjin with Coldplay's Chris Martin (Image via @bts_twt/Twitter)

BTS' Jin will perform his upcoming solo single The Astronaut at Coldplay's concert, which will take place in Argentina on October 28, 2022. The singer, who will be dropping his first solo single, The Astronaut, on October 28, will debut a live performance to bless his fans with his euphonious voice.

On October 20, BTS' official Twitter account shared an adorable exchange between Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin and the 29-year-old singer, announcing the big news to BTS fans ARMYs.

Coldplay are currently performing for their Music of the Spheres World Tour, and will be joined by the BTS vocalist during their show in Argentina. The concert will take place at the River Plate arena with an in-person capacity of more than 70,000.

The forthcoming track, The Astronaut, is a gift to fans by the superstar vocalist before enlisting in the military. It is co-written by the BTS member himself and Chris Martin. On top of that, Chris and his son, Moses Martin, have also provided background vocals for the song.

"KIM SEOK-JIN YOU'RE FULL OF SURPRISES": ARMYs celebrate after the announcement

A new message arrived on BTS Twitter today where Chris Martin asked his brother Seokjin to join him at Coldplay's concert in Argentina. Through their texts, the Hymn For The Weekend singer thanked the BTS vocalist for being the inspiration for the song. They concluded their conversation with the idol promising to join him at the concert, which left fans surprised and happy.

The fandom has gone crazy over the news of getting to experience The Astronaut live, and ARMYs have flooded Twitter with posts conveying their excitement.

BIGHIT MUSIC also shared a statement regarding the news. It read:

"We’d like to inform you about BTS Jin’s participation in Coldplay’s world tour. In the Argentina concert of Coldplay’s MUSIC of the SPHERES Tour, Jin will be performing The Astronaut with Coldplay."

The agency also added:

"This concert will not be live-streamed online. However, we will upload the performance video of The Astronaut after the concert to make sure ARMY all around the world can watch Jin and Coldplay’s performance."

The performance video will be uploaded on October 29 at 3 pm (KST) on BANGTAN TV. Moreover, the concert will be live streamed and delay-streamed in theaters globally.

BTS and Coldplay have previously collaborated on hit single My Universe, and also share a beautiful friendship. Previously, Chris Martin gifted his guitar to the Abyss crooner as a gift and also taught him to play it.

The Yours singer will enlist in the military soon, and other BTS members will also apply for the same. The mega-popular K-pop group have planned to reconvene in 2025 after successfully completing their military service.

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