5 times BTS' Jin touched hearts with his solo songs 

BTS' Jin will enlist in the military after promoting his single album in October. (Image via Instagram/ @jin)

BTS' Jin will be the first member of the boy band to register for mandatory military service, as announced by the group's agency, BIGHIT MUSIC. After years of incessant debate and conjecture, the band announced that they would be fulfilling their duty towards "the country they call home."

Kim Seok-jin turns 30 in December this year, making his current Korean age thirty-two. As the eldest member, it makes sense that BTS' Jin is the first to serve his country among the band, but the announcement has left fans torn.

While members will continue to release solo albums and other fun content, one way to reminisce is by streaming songs from the past that have moved fans with their lyrics, emotional renditions, and sincerity.

5 solo songs by BTS' Jin that will make fans emotional

Although he was a novice before becoming a trainee with BIGHIT, Jin has evolved into a stunning performer, pulling off unbelievable high notes and an elegant falsetto with panache. He especially shines in his solo numbers, binding sentimentality into his voice to produce perfection.

Here are five BTS' Jin songs that will touch listeners' hearts.

1) Awake (2016)


Released as part of BTS' Wings, this is the first song that Jin helped compose, along with j-hope. Distilling his own experiences and emotions into RM's lyrics, Jin sings about the struggle and running despite feeling like there is no end.

Feeling the imposter syndrome, the 1992-born singer seemed to put importance on the journey over the destination, a lesson that many could benefit from.

remember when Seokjin got a standing ovation and a loud applause from Jarmys the highest form of appreciation and respect there after he performed AwakeWe Love Your Voice Jin #1700DaysWithAwake #JIN #진 #석진

Perhaps the best example of the impact of this song is the standing ovation in Japan during BTS' Wings World Tour. Fans continued to clap and cheer long after BTS' Jin finished the song, moving the singer to tears from the overwhelming response.

2) Epiphany (2018)


Chronicling the songs of BTS' Jin without talking about Epiphany is nigh impossible. Released as part of the band's LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' in 2018, the song delivers a powerful message of self-love before trying to give love to others. Seok-jin's vocals have the ability to induce goosebumps with their earnestness, and his ability to touch high notes with relative ease will never fail to astound.

Epiphany is a song that demands to be heard live, with thousands of fans singing along to the chorus, trying to internalize the lyrics,

"I'm the one I should love in this world/ Shining me, this precious soul of mine/I finally realize/So I love me/Not so perfect but so beautiful."

Every single performance of the song during BTS' Love Yourself tour was received with loud claps, unfathomable cheers, and fans joining in during the chorus.

3) Tonight (2019)


While owning pets is an extremely fulfilling endeavor, anyone with pets can attest to the absolute pain that comes with the thought of losing them. BTS' Jin had two sugar gliders and a dog, and they all passed away within a span of three years. His emotions and feelings led to the creation of Tonight, which he released as a single in 2019.

Despite it being his first self-written track, Jin managed to create a masterpiece that is relatable to anyone who is afraid of time passing by too quickly and not having enough time with loved ones.

Jin sings,

"When the moon is gone/ And the sun rises/ The one who has been with me/ Will you be gone?"

4) Moon (2020)


Released as BTS' Jin's solo song from the group's bestselling Map of the Soul: 7 album, Moon was dedicated to fans. They watch from afar, seeming like a wholesome Earth-like mass to the 29 year-old singer who compares himself to the moon.

As a superstar of his magnitude, he feels that he wishes to comfort fans in whatever way he can, hiding his own weaknesses. Jin felt reassurance even on his bad days, when ARMY continually "shines" on him, offering him solace.

While people on Earth always admire the moon from afar, the vocalist chooses to show the perspective of the moon who revels in this admiration, choosing to stay orbiting around the Earth instead of offering thanks.

"Rather than saying any words/ Rather than thanking you/ I'll stay by your side/ In the pitch-black night/ Way more brightly/ I'll stay by your side"

5) Abyss (2020)


While the world was reeling from the force of the pandemic, BTS was still releasing music, hoping to spread a message of joy and cheer to fans. BTS' Jin, in particular, released an intensely personal and touching song about trying to find his muse in dark times.

Anyone who has struggled to feel connected to their creative pursuits due to the pandemic will understand the emotions behind Abyss. Facing the reason for this disconnect and embracing it, Jin wishes to fall into the black hole and stay there.

"The closer I get to you, the more I become breathless/ And it feels like you arе getting even furthеr away/ Maybe you went deeper into that sea, yeah/ Myself in that sea"

Characterized by his iconic high notes, Abyss was co-written with RM and truly expresses the comfort of embracing mental illness rather than struggling to get out, because it is easier that way.

Though not among his emotional ballads, BTS' Jin decided to release a song about fishing called Super Tuna and it quickly went viral due to its catchy music and easy choreography, prompting thousands to take on the challenge on TikTok.

At BTS' Yet to Come concert in Busan, the Moon singer announced that he would be releasing a single with someone he admires a lot. While fans have been saddened by the prospect of not seeing BTS' Jin for a while, the excitement towards his solo song is slowly building up, with there being several speculations about the identity of the collaborator.

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