5 songs featuring BTS' RM that fans must listen to 

Apart from the septet
Apart from the septet's music, BTS' RM has featured on many other artists songs. (Image via HYBE)

As one-seventh of the biggest pop group in the world, BTS' RM certainly knows good music. He has served as the songwriter for most BTS songs, responsible for the beautiful lyricism and wordplay that has now become his signature.

BTS' leader also has several stunning solo numbers that allow fans a glimpse into his personal values and how he views the world. The 27-year-old rapper's songwriting prowess is not limited to the Dynamite group; he frequently contributes to and collaborates with other artists.

The collaborative efforts allow him the freedom to experiment with different genres and take his music in new and interesting directions. Here are 5 BTS RM appearances in other artists' music to add to your playlist.

Don't, Strange & 3 more BTS' RM features in other artists' music to add to your playlist

From introspective rap numbers to addictive R&B tracks, the moonchild rapper certainly knows how to pick his collaborations with the who's who of the music world. Here are 5 songs that feature BTS' RM that fans will enjoy.

1) Drunken Tiger - Timeless feat. RM of BTS (2018)


Tiger JK has been releasing music as Drunken Tiger since 1990, and his final album, Drunken Tiger X: The Rebirth of Tiger JK, was released in 2018. The veteran rapper invited BTS's RM to appear on Timeless, and the result was historic.

The BTS leader used his rap verse to pay tribute to Drunken Tiger's legacy, who influenced many rappers in the Korean music scene today. With his roots in underground rap, RM says, in English:

"Things gon' be a past but fest post to be fast/ Hope it for the best but see you already blessed/ All you spit was blast so don’t you worry dad/ You ain't dead"

Using the titles of famous songs by the group in his rap, the BTS rapper gives Drunken Tiger the dignified sendoff they deserve. Tiger JK has the song's title tattooed on his arm, and has expressed how touched he was by RM's lyrics, which are a huge sign of respect.

2) HONNE - Crying Over You ◐ (feat. RM & BEKA) (2019)


English electronic music duo HONNE first collaborated with BTS' RM on his solo mixtape, mono for the track, seoul. Soon after, HONNE announced that they would be releasing a new version of their song Crying Over You, featuring BTS' leader.

The Reflection rapper's contribution (as lyricist and rapper) to the track delineates how one deals with a broken relationship, comparing the pain to reading and re-reading a book with a sad ending. The verse was a natural addition to the song as HONNE had originally envisioned Crying Over You with a rap part. Sample this:

"... I'm reading from the same book all over again/ All different covers, all different colors/ They're never the same/ But they always make me cry in the end"

3) Agust D - Strange (feat. RM) (2020)


BTS' RM and SUGA share a special relationship with each other. The two rappers have been together the longest, having been chosen as the first members of the Korean group. As a result, they share a unique chemistry that was also seen in their unit track from BTS' Map of the Soul:7 titled Respect.

As part of SUGA's second mixtape (D2) as Agust D, Strange is a critique of a capitalist society where a person who is sane and "well" is considered "strange" because everyone else has their eyes closed.

In his verse, BTS' RM discusses how society strictly controls the illusion of choice and how everyone is ultimately a product of the system in which they find themselves. The verse reads:

" The choices you’ve been given/ Are all preferences controlled by the capital/ People talk/ 'My feed explains me'/ No matter how much money is in your grasp/ Everyone's a slave to this system"

4) eAeon - Don't (feat. RM) (2021)


Having earlier collaborated on badbye from mono, eAeon and BTS' RM share a good rapport with each other. Don't was released as the lead single on eAeon's second album (Fragile) in 2021. It speaks of the troubles and pain that one experiences when a relationship falls apart.

BTS's leader contributed a sincere rap verse in which he compares the ups and downs of a relationship to waves coming and hitting the beach, sometimes leaving eroded pebbles (as in a broken person) in their wake. He also lent his baritone voice to Don't, synchronizing with eAeon during his part and humming the outro, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The verse read:

"What color are waves/ White as snow when they break/ Did you survive the drift ok/ Still as a pebble, could you stay"

5) Balming Tiger - SEXY NUKIM (feat. RM of BTS) (2022)


Last on this list of incredible features by BTS' RM is the 2022 track by Balming Tiger titled SEXY NUKIM. The word nukim means feelings in Korean, and this track highlights the feelings of youth and confidence, with references to social media peppered in.

The music video accompanying the song is particularly interesting, with Japanese filmmaker Pennacky lending it an experimental film-like vibe, marking his second collaboration with Balming Tiger. RM looks stunning in a suit as he makes his entry on a bicycle, rapping about the confusion within the youth. His verse reads:

"For you man, I'm a doom boy/ I can hear the sound of your heart/ Your money just cracks me up/ We keep it one and the only"

With his collaborative tracks, BTS' RM has tried to bring more attention to lesser-mainstream groups like Balming Tiger while maintaining his style of rap and brilliant lyricism and adding an "RM" touch to the songs. It is also an indication of features on his solo album when it releases.


Balming Tiger recently released a reaction video to SEXY NUKIM where big names among the Korean hip-hop space offer their live and honest opinions on the track. j-hope was also part of this, expressing his enthusiasm for BTS' RM rapping style and look in the music video.

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