Top 5 saddest BTS lyrics: Sea, Spring Day, and more

BTS is lauded for its lyricism, having penned many of the songs itself. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS is lauded for its lyricism, having penned many of the songs itself. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

One of the many reasons that BTS stands out is their incredible lyricism. With members participating in the process of making a song, they speak for the issues they face as twenty-something year olds. Their personal touch allows listeners to relate to the problems faced by them.

With lyrical gems (like Magic Shop, Outro: Wings, and ON) on every album, diving deep into the Dynamite hitmaker's discography reveals their deep understanding of the world. These unique perspectives establish the poetic nature of their lyrics.

Each member draws on their own experiences to put forth a narrative that belongs to both them and the listeners. BTS touches upon issues of burnout, self-love, and depression on one hand, while criticizing society for doing a disservice to the youth (competitive educational system) on the other.

5 emotional and meaningful BTS lyrics

While in recent albums (Map of the Soul: 7 and BE) all seven members have participated in songwriting, the rap-line with members RM, SUGA, and j-hope have always added their unique flavor to the rap portion of the songs. On that note, here are 5 BTS song lyrics that are sure to make fans (and non-fans) cry.

1) Sea from LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' (hidden track)


An untapped treasure, this hidden track from LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' talks about everything BTS had to go through in their race to the top. The song speaks of trials within hope.There may be a sea of hope awaiting in the distance, but reaching there requires overcoming countless trials.

Full of references from the group's past, the lyrics hit especially hard when one realizes the struggles that they had to go through. From being cut from broadcast to being forced to sleep in one room, the now-successful group's trials seem unbeatable. But, Sea says that the desert (trial) is next to the sea (hope); they refer to the Namib Desert which is next to the sea.

"I think positively, swallowing dryly/ that even if I get anxious/ even if it’s a desert/ it’s the beautiful Namib Desert."

2) Blue & Grey from BE


Written by V (with NIve) and later adapted for the seven members, Blue & Grey is about burnout and exhaustion. Blue and grey are considered colors of misery; the cool colors seemingly offer solace to those suffering. Blue & Grey tells those who are in the throes of depression that they are not alone in feeling the way they are. There's a little blue and grey in us all.

"It seems like people are all happy/ Can you look at me? Cuz I am blue & grey/ The meaning of my tears that are reflected on the mirror/ is the color that is hidden under my smile, blue & grey."

3) Black Swan from Map of the Soul: 7


Rarely will an artist address their art as poignantly and pointedly as BTS does in Black Swan. A song that every creative person will relate to, Black Swan is about the fear of losing passion for one's art. Without the passion or love for the craft that one has perfected over the years, it seems like a "death" of sorts. Referencing the movie by the same name, Black Swan explores a musician no longer resonating with the music that is their livelihood and life.

"If this can no longer resonate/ If this can no longer make my heart flutter/ Perhaps, this will be how I die once/ But what if that moment’s right now/ Right now"

4) Butterfly from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2


A butterfly is among the most beautiful creatures in nature. The fleeting nature of life makes BTS wonder if the butterfly itself is an image, waiting to disappear.

One interpretation of the lyrics suggests that Butterfly is an ode to a person who has passed away. Those left behind wonder if the image they see will disappear, like a mirage of a person gone by.

"Will you stay by my side/ Will you promise me/ If I touch you, that you might fly away, that you might be shattered,/ I’m scared scared scared"

5) Spring Day from You Never Walk Alone


Making a list of BTS' sad lyrics without including Spring Day would be a travesty. Considered among the best by the South Korean band, the lyrics hold a special meaning as we flit in and out of lockdowns. This seemingly unending winter is fleeting, the song says. Just hang on for a bit longer. When one has been separated from their loved ones for so long, the thought of meeting them again is emotional.

"If you wait a little bit,/ if you spend just a few sleepless nights,/ I’ll come to meet you/ I’ll come to pick you up."

Whether it is recent albums or ones closer to debut, BTS knows how to construct songs to bring tears to the listener's eyes. Apart from those already mentioned, Mikrokosmos, Young Forever and Epiphany are known tearjerkers.

BTS is set to perform at four sold-out concerts in Las Vegas in April. Rapper j-hope recently completed his mandatory self-isolation after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and is confirmed to be attending the upcoming Grammys with the rest of BTS.

With Jungkook still in quarantine after being diagnosed in the US, it remains to be seen if this affects the group's schedule.

(Translation credits: Doolset Bangtan)

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