K-pop idols who are bad at cooking: BTS' RM, SEVENTEEN's Vernon, and more

BTS' RM tops the list of K-pop idols who are bad at cooking. (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS' RM tops the list of K-pop idols who are bad at cooking. (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

Cooking is a life skill that K-pop idols don't mandatorily need to learn. With their extremely hectic lifestyles, they need to follow strict diets to maintain their health and stamina. As a result, most idols do not have the ability to whip up a delicious dish.

Additionally, a few individuals take on the responsibility of feeding the entire group, in most cases. This means that those K-pop idols, who have no interest in learning how to cook, can simply eat the food prepared by the others.

Cooking is certainly not at the top of the priority list for the K-pop idols mentioned below.

5 K-pop idols who are good at everything but cooking


Considering that K-pop idols are meant to create music and entertain fans, it is no surprise that their cooking skills are rather lacking. However, the cooking failures of these five idols will make fans laugh out loud.

1) "Looking at RM, I realize that God is fair."


BTS' Jin once said the above statement about the leader of the superstar septet. RM is good at many things, including producing, songwriting, composing, and making sure BTS functions well as a group. He is a certified genius with an IQ of 148, having proved his intelligence in variety shows such as Problematic Men.

But if there is one thing that the BTS leader cannot do, it is cooking. For someone who is so level-headed when it comes to making music, all his adorable clumsiness comes to the forefront when he enters the kitchen. Funnily enough, it is BTS' in-house chef Jin who usually has to coach RM on what to do, be it the correct technique for chopping vegetables or things to avoid while the stove is on.

The "God of Destruction" of BTS has improved a lot, but still struggles with hot containers while cooking his ramen, as is evident on BTS In the Soop.

2) SEVENTEEN's Vernon and his "piece of coal" burger patty


Any CARAT (fan of SEVENTEEN) will admit that SEVENTEEN has a few members who are good at cooking, but Vernon is not one of them. In SEVENTEEN's The Battle of Burgers, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, and Seungkwan picked ingredients to cook and compete for first place. The cooking competition was judged by resident burger lover, Joshua.

Vernon had to cook a chicken burger, and the situation was complete chaos right from the beginning. After struggling to find a recipe that he liked on a tablet computer, he resorted to asking Joshua, the judge, for help. Ever the gentleman, Joshua guided Vernon through the process of making his burger patty, helping him find ingredients and utensils as well.

Midway through the cooking challenge, Vernon asked his competitors if they wanted pineapple, promptly eating the fruit upon learning that no one wanted it. Few K-pop idols would be as relaxed as him during a cooking challenge.

However, he forgot the chicken patty that was still in the pan, with the stove running. When the SEVENTEEN rapper finally went to flip the burger, it was burnt black on one side, leading the editors to call it a "piece of coal".

3) ATEEZ's captain Hongjoong sinking with his waffles

ATEEZ and cooking might be a match made in hell. Out of the team of eight K-pop idols, only Wooyoung is interested in cooking, often guiding the other members when they seem lost in the kitchen. For all his talent as a producer, songwriter and rapper, Hongjoong is hopeless in the kitchen, leading to comical situations that entertain viewers.

Making waffles is not the easiest task for a cooking novice, and Hongjoong, who had to cook two waffles to complete a task during a variety show, is living evidence of the same. After screaming and panicking about his mission, he somehow made the batter (by squeezing the eggs as if they were jelly) and filled the waffle iron to the brim, only for the device to start leaking after the ATEEZ rapper closed the lid.

4) NCT's Mark Lee whose cooking was roasted by Gordon Ramsay

NCT 127 and SuperM's Mark is not among the best K-pop idols at putting ingredients together to make a presentable edible dish. As said by the man himself, he has had a complicated relationship with eggs.

From forgetting to add oil to the pan before frying an egg to having his scrambled eggs critiqued harshly by Gordon Ramsay of Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen fame, the NCT rapper has seen it all.

Members of groups and sub-units that Mark is part of are equally amused and terrified when he gets to the kitchen. WayV member Xiaojun felt safer clutching a fire extinguisher when Mark was frying eggs, while the young rapper horrified NCT Dream members when he decided that cutting a watermelon with scissors was appropriate (spoiler alert: it is not).

5) BLACKPINK's Jennie and her pancake troubles


BLACKPINK's lead vocalist is not a bad cook, but her adventures while cooking pancakes for her members could prove otherwise. Jennie first added too much butter, promptly removing the excess after proclaiming that it could cause the pancakes to burn.

After ruining the first two pancakes due to being hasty or letting the cake sit for too long, the rapper eventually figured out how to make pancakes properly. Cooking is trial and error, very few master dishes on their first try. The fact that Jennie kept making more pancakes is testament to BLACKPINK's hard work, both as K-pop idols and as solo artists.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee
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