7 highlights from BTS' Yet to Come concert

The band performs its latest hits at BTS
The band performs its latest hits at BTS' Yet to Come concert. (Image via Twitter/ @charts_k)

Busan seemed to sing with joy as BTS' Yet to Come concert in the city came to a close. The K-pop superstars might have had a shorter setlist than their usual three-hour-long concerts, but every fan in the stadium and millions watching from their homes felt the magic touch.

BTS' Yet to Come concert boasted a fine selection of music, bringing in songs from the group's recently released album as well as old favorites. Putting their best foot forward, the septet addressed all those who questioned their decision to focus on solo activities.

Moreover, BTS asked their fans to trust them as they navigate this new career chapter. They said that the concert may have ended, but the members' precious memories with ARMYs will last forever.

Jin's solo announcement, Run BTS' killer performance, and 5 more high points of BTS' Yet to Come concert

Whether it was RM and j-hope sporting new hairstyles or Jin and Jung Kook up to their usual playfulness, the Busan concert had no shortage of memorable moments. BTS put on a great show, making it difficult to pick out just a few meaningful and eye-catching instances.

Nonetheless, here are seven moments from BTS' Yet to Come concert in Busan that serve as highlights.

1) A throwback to BTS' biggest hits

Starting off the concert with Mic Drop, the K-pop group set a high standard. Featuring a live band, j-hope started the performance with a bang, while the members joined in, putting their whole bodies into the energetic choreography. RM changed the lyrics in his verse to "Life a life, s*ckers!" which set the tone for the night.

However, this was just the start. BTS performed Run, Dope, FIRE, IDOL, and many other songs that are usually restricted to a short medley in concerts. The vocal unit mesmerized the audience with a rendition of 00:00 (Zero O'Clock), while the rap unit executed UGH! and Cypher PT.3: KILLER with a style unique to them.

The concert also included an amazing performance of Ma City, with lyrics referencing Busan's beautiful sea and skyline. Characterized by Jimin's high-pitched voice, with Jung Kook's beautiful vocals to compliment, the Bangtan Boys paid tribute to the city with the song. Considering BTS' Yet to Come concert was supposed to pitch Busan for the 2030 World Expo, the goal seems to have been accomplished.

2) Run BTS' first performance with a jaw-dropping choreography

When BTS dropped their anthology album, Proof, in June 2022, they perhaps anticipated the incredible response that the ARMYs would have to their new release Run BTS. Reminiscent of the band's early days, the song seemed to scream for a live performance, and BTS' Yet to Come concert managed to fulfill this.

With clear vocals and mind-blowing choreography, Run BTS served what fans wished for. From Jung Kook and Jimin's pair choreography to Jin and V passing around a scarf similar to the ones they wore in the Mic Drop era, the song did not have a single dull moment.

Other highlights included the chorus, where the septet beautifully incorporated running and accelerating a motorbike into the choreography, making it appear fluid instead of forced. RM's ending pose, where he climbed onto a platform while everyone performed the chorus, drew attention. Additionally, j-hope's verse, where the members appeared behind him as he took their names, garnered cheer from the crowd.

3) ARMY singing along to EPILOGUE: Young Forever

At the prestigious Wembley Stadium in London in 2019, fans surprised BTS by singing Young Forever during their World Tour. The group sang the song during BTS' Yet to Come concert, clearly thinking back to past concerts, coming closer to each other as the song progressed.

Fans were also overwhelmed due to Young Forever and sang the chorus together just like they did at Wembley, connecting the first chapter of the band to the next. While they cannot take the burden of being BTS away from them, this gesture by ARMY feels like they will support the boys, no matter what.

4) The whole stadium singing for Jimin's birthday

Jimin celebrated his 27th birthday on October 13, 2022, with a Weverse livestream featuring a chick cake and lego flowers. However, fans decided to surprise him on the day of BTS' Yet to Come concert by singing for him.

The audience once sang the birthday song while the group was off-stage, getting ready for the last part of the show. However, once Jimin started his ending ment, fans started singing "Happy Birthday" and were joined by BTS members as well. The Promise singer was pleased, and SUGA immediately shut down his weak protest about birthdays.

5) Jin surprising everyone by announcing a solo album

Since j-hope's solo album was released, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next member's announcement of a solo release. While many thought that SUGA would be the next member to come out with solo music, Jin revealed that he would be releasing a single album with someone he admires. There has been some speculation about this mystery person, with some believing it to be Coldplay's Chris Martin.

The practice leading up to BTS' Yet to Come concert was hard on Jin, who was ill to the point where he was in and out of the hospital and connected to IVs till a week prior. However, something magical happened on the day of the concert, causing BTS' eldest member to belt out some of the most exquisite high notes throughout the evening.

6) BTS starting Spring Day inside a train compartment

If there was a song that one could pick out as definitively BTS, it would be Spring Day. Released in 2017 to commemorate the dreadful Sewol Ferry incident, the song took on a new meaning after the pandemic, standing for all the loved ones separated and reunited over the course of two years.

In BTS' Yet to Come concert, the septet seemed to be talking about this feeling, commencing the song inside a train compartment similar to the one from the Spring Day music video. As the group marched ahead confidently, this intro indicated that they have never forgotten their roots and never will.

7) The best is Yet to Come for BTS


BTS' Yet to Come concert in Busan was everything it was touted to be - a show of the group's ability to draw crowds, a festival for fans, and most of all, a fitting conclusion to BTS' first chapter.

The ending ments of the members were replete with a sense of finality and fulfillment, but also anticipation for the future. After the media circus that erupted following the group mentioned their future solo pursuits, BTS' Yet to Come concert needed to prove something. The group is still very much together with solid teamwork as always, and solo-focused activities do not mean that BTS stops working together.

RM and j-hope especially stressed that trusting the members is of utmost importance. The leader neatly tied it up by saying:

"It would be great if today we could remember this day with happy thoughts and memories."

Apart from bringing together fans from around the world and showcasing charismatic performances at BTS' Yet to Come concert, the members also seemed to usher in a new era of BTS.

With Jin's upcoming album to look forward to, along with other group activities yet to be revealed, fans can be assured that they will enjoy whatever happens next.

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