BTS Proof Collector's Edition: Fans react to ARMY letters by the members

BTS Proof Collector
BTS Proof Collector's Edition has many other additions to the anthology album. (Image via Twitter/Tannieschart)

As part of their anthology album released in June, the K-pop giants released a BTS Proof Collector's Edition. Priced at a mammoth $220 in Korea, and $275 in the United States (not including shipping and transportation charges), it became a source for memes among fans on Twitter.

The Collector's edition comes with a Premium Photo set (7 photos), 1 poster, 1 book, 7 AR cards, 7 3D cards, 7 photocards (version A- Annecdote), 7 photocards (version B- Door), and a user guide, along with 3 CDs that include 48 songs (new tracks, demo versions, etc).

The interviews and letters that were part of the BTS Proof Collector's Edition have been translated from Korean by ARMY translators and have been receiving love for the sincerity shown by BTS members.

The Dynamite stars narrate letters for ARMY in BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Although the BTS Proof Collector's edition is priced a bit high and weighs 7.35kg (16.20lbs), it makes use of several new age technologies to create an experience that would touch fans. When operated as instructed in the user guide, the photocards will unlock ARMY letters written by BTS.

The Idol group uses the opportunity provided by the BTS Proof Collector's Edition to look back on their nine years spent as artists, thank their fans, and express gratitude while moving forwards.

1) "Though it may seem like the end, I think of it like the hand of the clock turning back to 12." - RM

Known for his deep and insightful lyrics, thoughtful replies to interview questions, and propensity to write long letters for fans, the BTS leader talks about how happy his youth was because of the love he received from fans.

Despite some regrets about his inexperience and inadequacies, RM said that BTS did their best in the past 10 years together, and he hoped that he could contribute a little to fans. Saying that he was looking forward to the second chapter of the band, he added that he still had a lot to show as RM and Kim Nam-joon.

Comparing memories of the past to a yellowing maple leaf falling out of an album, the Reflection rapper ended his letter by saying that though dried, that leaf will stay whenever one wishes to reminisce.

Fans on RM's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Sensing an air of finality around the Persona rapper's letter, ARMY also reflected back on their time as fans, finding that though it was difficult closing this first BTS chapter, the members are now happy and working on projects that showcase their identity as solo artists.

2) "I hope we always are good memories to each other." - Jin

The eldest member of the Spring Day group was struck by the number of years he spent as part of BTS. While talking about his childhood, he spoke about the transportive power of music. As fans think back to the happy times they spent when they listened to BTS songs, he, too, will remember the lovely times he spent with ARMY.

Jin rounded off his letter with a note of positivity, wishing happy memories for the band and fans together.

Fans on Jin's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Calling him adorable for ending his letter with an "I Love You" in Hanguel (the Korean alphabet), fans truly understood where Jin was coming from when he spoke about the longetivity of the songs bringing back memories.

3) "I hope that we will spend more days together than we have together." - SUGA

Keeping his letter short, SUGA chose to dedicate the album to ARMY, thanking them for standing by BTS for the past 9 years. Adding that he wished for more days together with fans than already spent, alleviating the fears that some had. Concluding with a heartfelt "I Love You," Min Yoon-gi was able to convey a lot in very few words.

Fans on SUGA's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Touched by SUGA's succinct way of voicing what's in his heart, ARMY agreed with his hope of meeting more often than not, as they expressed their love for him and his music.

4) "Remembering all the process we've been through together for the span of almost 10 years, I try to wrap up my day again with you all." - j-hope

Turning the spotlight on fans, j-hope started his letter by expressing his curiosity about fans' well-being, saying that he wishes to spend his days with them knowing they think about BTS every day.

Sending his appreciation to the fans who like the group no matter their appearance on any given day, Jung Ho-seok said that he would like to spend all 24 hours being grateful. Including ARMY in his reminiscence of the past 10 years, j-hope concludes his letter (and his day) by sending love to fans.

Fans on j-hope's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Dismissing j-hope's comments on BTS' appearance, fans were especially moved by his dedication to ARMY, making them feel as though he was a friend and not a world-famous singer.

5) "Thank you so much for being the meaning to my life." - Jimin

Using his letter to talk about how much fans have influenced his life, Jimin said that he was able to laugh, cry, be mindful, and be touched due to the love given by ARMYs. Hoping that fans will consider him (and the band) a positive influence as well, Jimin wraps up his letter by thanking them for making his life meaningful.

Fans on Jimin's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

Referring to Jimin as an "angel," fans reciprocated the love and respect that he showed towards them, promising to uplift him as he did for them.

6) "Thank you for loving us. I love you more. So much." - V

Despite having written letters to "the precious people" i.e. ARMYs for almost 10 years, V finds himself missing them, some days more than others. He said that he is able to find joy within his hectic work life, and hopes that fans can have fun too. If they are unable to bring fun to their lives, Kim Tae-hyung will be ARMY's happiness.

Expressing his gratitude towards fans for loving BTS, V pointed out that he loved them a lot more.

Fans on V's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

V's declaration of loving ARMY more was met with a sudden competitive streak from fans who argued that they loved him more, while talking about the joy and happiness that the Winter Bear singer brings to their lives just by being there.

7) "Don't let yourself go. Let's make this one life of ours an awesome one for the sake of ourselves." - Jung Kook

Turning introspective in his letter to ARMY from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition, Jung Kook seems to speak to fans everywhere. He contemplates how everyone leads different lives, with some being happy, while others undergoing hardships at the same time. The maknae wished to share his thoughts as a human being (Jeon Jung-kook), not just as BTS' Jung Kook.

He speaks of becoming the main character of one's story and gaining control, no matter what happens in life. Jung Kook urged fans to have this mindset as well, adding that differentiating between right and wrong and pushing for the better is also part of it.

The youngest member added that if one pushes to make life better for oneself, showing the same energy to others, life will eventually become better. Winding the letter, Jung Kook asked fans to be happy and commented on his gradually worsening handwriting, ending the letter with a touch of humor.

Fans on Jung Kook's letter from the BTS Proof Collector's Edition

ARMY admired Jung Kook's maturity and intelligence beyond his years, adding that him talking about the varied experiences of fans was touching. Several fans admitted to tearing up while listening to and reading the Euphoria singer's message because it asked them to put themselves first.


The BTS Proof Collector's Edition raised several eyebrows due to its absurd price tag and the fact that it will not be accounted for in any charts per the request of BTS' label. Despite this, owning this special version of the group's anthology album is special as the members slowly put out solo music including collaborations, albums, television shows, and even concerts.

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