What are BTS members' favorite music videos?

The seven-member band has several iconic music videos. (Image via Kevin Winter/ Getty Images)
The seven-member band has several iconic music videos. (Image via Kevin Winter/ Getty Images)
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With over 72 music videos (including features on other artists' videos) to their credit, BTS knows a thing or two about good music videos. From passionate acting to aerobic dancing, the group has covered many different styles of direction in music videos.

The septet’s music videos cover a range of concepts. From dark themes like Butterfly, or energetic, youthful themes such as FIRE, BTS has met each challenge to the best of their abilities.

Among their many releases, videos that progress the Bangtan Universe (BU) are especially striking. A majority of the members’ favorite music videos are a part of the universe too.

BTS members revealed their favorite music videos

BTS⟭⟬💜"I need you"M/V'si

In an interview with MTV News before the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) in 2020, the group answered several questions about Dynamite, their discography, and listed their favorite music videos. Take a look at the members’ favorite videos below.

1) RM- RUN M/V


RUN was released as part of the album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2 in 2015. The music video shows BTS running away from stifling authority figures like the police, enjoying their adolescence, and making mistakes. Deeper exploration revealed repetitive motifs from their previous music videos, showing RUN as part of the complicated Bangtan Universe.

RM stated that he misses running "like crazy" by the Han River, which is one of the spots where the music video was filmed.

2) Jin- Epilogue: Young Forever M/V


Another music video part of the Bangtan Universe, Young Forever is about the desire to retain youthful innocence despite time passing by. The lyrics speak of wanting the moment on stage, where BTS is performing, to last forever, while the video flits between shots of past moments and a wire mesh maze.

As the eldest member of the group, Jin's choice of video reflects his understanding of BTS' dynamics and their journey to the top.

3) SUGA- Fire M/V


FIRE, from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, is one of the most iconic BTS songs from their pre-2017 discography. On the surface, it seems like any other powerful anthem by the group. However, a closer examination of the lyrics and themes in the music video shows that setting fire is a metaphor for breaking down societal restrictions on class and rising above the naysayers.

The first few frames of the video show the word "YOUTH" written over a fence and it's as if the song serves as a clarion call for the youth to let themselves go. With a bit of "Carpe Diem" energy and pyrotechnic choreography to boot, it is easy to see why SUGA is a fan of this music video.

4) J-Hope- Save ME M/V


The music video of Save ME, another gem from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, differs greatly from the others. For one, the entire filming was done on one site, allowing more importance to be given to the members' expressions and elaborate choreography.

The cool color palette used in the cinematography gives the music video a somber look, bringing out the helplessness in the lyrics. Dance leader J-Hope claimed Save ME as his favorite music video, saying that though it was tough to film, the incredible outcome made it worth the struggle.

5) Jimin- Spring Day M/V


Spring Day's music video and lyrics reference the Sewol Ferry Tragedy in South Korea, which claimed 300 lives due to sheer negligence. The motifs of piles of clothes, a single pair of shoes, and empty laundry rooms along with a deserted beach depict an emptiness after a tragedy that is universal.

Part of BTS' 2017 repackaged album You Never Walk Alone, Spring Day is full of hope and nostalgia but also touches on separation and despair. The writing and cinematography capture all the emotions behind the lyrics beautifully, Jimin said, adding that another reason for him choosing Spring Day is that he simply adores the song.

6) V- ON M/V


ON was released in 2020 as the second single of BTS' Map of the Soul: 7. The music video has scores of cinematic allusions to popular movies and television shows including The Lion King, The Maze Runner, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Game of Thrones. With more references to the biblical stories of Noah's Ark, and Adam and Eve, watching the video is a treat for cinephiles and bibliophiles alike.

When a solid storyline is combined with excellent cinematography and exquisite lyrics, ON is born. According to V, ON holds a special place in his heart because BTS was unable to show the live performance to ARMY (before the Performance To Dance On Stage concerts), despite working so hard for it.

7) Jungkook- 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima M/V


Before the official music video for ON was released, BTS released 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima. Filmed near the Sepulveda Dam, the video shows the members performing the rigorous ON choreography with World of Dance Season 2 champions, The Lab, the Blue Devils Drum, and Bugle Corps.

The video involves the members performing spirited moves that required them to be nimble on their feet. With grace belying the anthem-like music, BTS' dance was arranged by Sienna Lalau, an acclaimed dancer-choreographer. Jungkook praised the visuals of the film, saying that it was "cool" to see the finished performance video near the "white dam".


With music videos being a representation of the kind of music BTS produces, it is clear why they have favorites in this category. In addition to the videos mentioned above, they talked about parts of the choreography in the Dynamite music video they freestyle for.

The 64th Grammy Awards are coming up on April 4, and BTS has been nominated in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. They are slated to attend and perform their megahit song Butter. With member Jungkook still in quarantine due to COVID-19, it remains unclear if he will accompany the other members to the ceremony.

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