5 memorable moments from BTS' Jin and Chris' The Astronaut performance

BTS' Jin and Coldplay's Chris Martin perform 'The Astronaut' at the British band's Argentina concert. (Images via Twitter/ @BTSgreenhouse, @uuu_nitnitaa, and @taewintery)

BTS' Jin performed his debut single, The Astronaut, for the first time during Coldplay's Music of the Spheres concert at Buenos Aires' River Plate Stadium in Argentina on October 28, 2022. As it was the first time the singer was performing the track, there was considerable excitement among fans, who loved that Kim Seok-jin would sing the song with its co-songwriters.

Though the performance was short, Coldplay and Jin displayed their incredible chemistry, with Chris Martin giving the BTS star the space to add his own modulations to the song. The live version of The Astronaut was a revelation, highlighting the best aspects of Jin's voice with Coldplay supporting him throughout.

5 unforgettable instances from the live performance of The Astronaut by BTS' Jin with Coldplay's Chris Martin


From wholesome hugs to heartfelt high notes, the debut stage performance of The Astronaut was filled with moments that will remain close to ARMY's hearts. Here are five such momentous instances from the performance by BTS' Jin and Coldplay (led by Chris Martin).

1) Frontman Chris' heartfelt introduction of Jin

Fans of BTS and Coldplay will be aware of the two groups' friendly interactions over the last two years. Whether it was the South Korean band covering Coldplay's Fix You or the collaborative track My Universe that they worked on, there is mutual respect and admiration between them.

Chris spoke of overcoming his initial hesitation to work with a K-pop band to create music transcending language. The Coldplay vocalist explained how BTS' Jin approached him to write a song saying "goodbye to everybody for a little while" as he was planning his mandatory military service. Chris agreed, and The Astronaut was born.

The 45-year-old singer concluded his introduction by saying that since it might be the last performance of BTS' Jin for a while, fans should give him a warm welcome. Chris Martin was appreciative and gracious while welcoming Jin onto the stage.

2) Jin running into Chris' arms in the middle of his performance

During a particular segment of the music video, Jin is seen running toward the camera as it slowly moves away. When the music for that part started during the concert, the Moon singer ran towards the main stage where Coldplay was performing, embracing Chris, who pecked his cheeks.

The hug was a sweet and endearing moment that showed everyone that this was a friendship born out of a deep sense of admiration for each other.

3) Jin and Chris singing together while fans scream "Kim Seok-jin"

Once BTS' Jin was on the main stage with Coldplay, he approached Chris Martin, intending to sing the chorus with him. The two singers started harmonizing, but Chris, apparently confused at the sudden cheers for "Kim Seok-jin," lost his cue, having to hum a bit before singing again.

This small mistake caused Jin to erupt into giggles. The adorable moment caused fans to fawn over the charms of the BTS vocalist.

4) BTS' eldest belting the last line with all his emotions poured in

As someone whose solo music has always reflected his deepest feelings, BTS' Jin embodies his songs. With The Astronaut, he wished to say that although he may have to leave for a while, his heart will be with fans who are like his family.

His last high note seemed to tell every fan that he loves them, no matter where they are from and that he will miss them with all his heart. It was no surprise that ARMY took to Twitter to tell Kim Seok-jin that they loved him too.

5) Jin's ending note to fans in Korean

The eldest member of BTS could always say a lot in a few words, and his last words before walking off the stage proved just that. Although Chris Martin offered him some time to say what he wanted, BTS' Jin refused, saying he did not wish to overshadow Coldplay's concert.

Instead, the Tonight vocalist concluded his performance with just three sentences. He thanked Argentina in Spanish and expressed gratitude towards Coldplay in English.

However, Jin's last statement was in Korean, his native language, which was addressed to ARMYs. He told them he loved them in words that fans felt deep in their hearts.

BTS' Jin has a few variety show appearances before his official enlistment in the military. He will appear on Running Man alongside host Ji Seok-jin and a food-related show with chef Baek Jong-won. Fans will look forward to the upcoming shows, much like his appearance on Nothing Much Prepared.

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