South Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration honors BTS’ RM with plaque of appreciation 

Kim Namjoon (Image via rkive Instagram)
Kim Namjoon (Image via rkive Instagram)

On October 31, RM was honored with a plaque of appreciation from Choi Eung-chon, the administrator of the Cultural Heritage Administration. In recognition of his contribution to the preservation and restoration of South Korea’s culture, the artist was awarded with the prestigious plaque.

Earlier in 2021, the BTS leader donated 100 million won to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation to support the restoration and preservation of South Korea’s heritage artifacts housed in foreign nations. He further donated 200 million won in 2022 for the same cause.

The idol is well known among his fans for his keen interest in South Korean culture, traditions, and the country's fine arts.

BTS' RM is known for his love for the arts and culture of South Korea

RM is well-known for his love and appreciation of the arts and culture. In most of his Instagram posts, he is seen sharing artwork with several reputed artists. Fans also love his aesthetically-pleasing Instagram posts.

The plaque of appreciation also contains a message that has been translated by one of his fans:

“This individual made significant contributions to the preservation of South Korea’s cultural heritage housed overseas, as well as in the garnering of global interest in Korean Culture, through his continued interest, affection, and appreciation for our country’s history and cultural heritage.”

The rapper and singer’s donation has been used for the restoration of Joseon dyansty’s HWALOT. HWALOT is a Korean bridal gown crafted with red silk satin of the 19th century. The bridal gown is stored in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Alongside the preservation of HWALOT, donations made by the idol in 2022 will be used to create informational brochures about traditional paintings in South Korea.

The BTS leader also took to his Instagram to express his gratitude and appreciation to the head of South Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration.

ARMYs express how proud they are of RM

As soon as fans heard the news about the idol receiving a plaque of appreciation from South Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration, they began expressing how proud they are on social media:

Other fans also took to social media to celebrate the idol's several contributions to the arts and culture of the country. One fan tweeted:

“On the vcr, they mentioned namjoon’s donation for MMCA to republish art books and his donation for Seoul Samsung School, a specialized school for people who are hard of hearing and deaf to support their music education.”

Fans are also proud of the fact that the idol keeps inspiring youth to get in touch with nature and preserve their cultural identity.

As RM is being appreciated for his significant contributions to the promotion of the arts worldwide and restoration of national heritage, fans are eagerly awaiting his first ever solo album INDIGO.

It has been reported that the idol has collaborated with artists like Erykah Badoula, Mahalia, Anderson Paak, and more for his solo album. INDIGO reportedly consists of 10 tracks written by none other than the idol himself, and the album is set to premiere on December 2.

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