“RM is coming”: ARMYs rejoice as BTS’ leader announces release date for solo album Indigo

BTS RM will release his solo album Indigo on December 2, 2022 (Image via Twitter/@prodK0YA @rmarchives)
BTS RM will release his solo album Indigo on December 2, 2022 (Image via Twitter/@prodK0YA @rmarchives)

On November 11, at midnight KST, BTS’ leader RM took fans by surprise by announcing the release his first solo album, Indigo, on December 2, at 2 pm KST.

This comes after HYBE’s CEO, Park Ji-won, confirmed in the “2022 HYBE Briefing with the Community” that BTS members will be focusing on their solo activities, and the Trivia: Love singer will be the third member of the group to release his solo album this year. In July, j-hope released his debut solo album Jack In The Box, followed by Jin's solo single, The Astronaut, which was released in collaboration with Coldplay.

BTS’ leader then took to Instagram to announce the release of Indigo and its release date with a teaser image of a closeup shot of denim jeans and a handwritten letter for fans.

ARMYs were pleasantly surprised by the announcement and took to social media to trend “RM is coming,” “Namjoon,” and “Indigo.”

#NAMJOON indigo layout#RM is coming

BTS’ RM reveals Indigo will be “different from my past projects” in a fan letter to ARMYs

Indigo2022.12.2. 2PM (KST) | 12AM (ET)#RM #Indigo

BIG HIT MUSIC has officially confirmed the release of Indigo. The announcement revealed that the BTS leader will deliver his candid and honest thoughts through Indigo, and a versatile genre of music through some exciting collaborations.

Shortly after BIG HIT MUSIC’s announcement, BTS’ leader took to Instagram to share a fan letter personally announcing his first solo album, Indigo. He had previously released his mixtapes RM (2015) and Mono (2018).

He shared that he is excited to release his first solo album in four years and has worked very hard for it. The singer revealed that “it will be different from my past projects” and that a “ lot of fun friends are gathered in it,” hinting at the various collaborations previously reported.

ARMYs are naturally excited for his new album, knowing his impeccable taste in music and amazing lyrical expertise.

Fans termed December 2 as “Namjoon Day,” as it marks not only the release of his much-anticipated album, but also his return to variety shows with tvN’s The Mysterious Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge, where he will co-host the show alongside film director Jang Hang-jun.

It is speculated that several big names will be collaborating with BTS' leader on his solo album. American rapper and record producer Pharrell Williams, veteran Korean rock band Cherry Filter, and Korean singer-songwriter BIBI, among others, are reported to be on his new album, though nothing has been confirmed in writing yet. BTS previously collaborated with Pharrell on his new album, Phriends.

Many fans are also looking at his album release in December as a comfort album release since the group’s oldest member, Jin, might enlist in the military in December.

“It’s going to be a bit different from what you expect” - namjoon 072122
Namjoon is so cute please 🥺

ARMYs have also found symbolism and hidden meaning behind his new album, Indigo.

Indigo is the color between blue and purple. Purple represents the love between BTS and ARMY. The Moonchild singer chose blue as the color that reflects himself. He has also revealed in the past that he identifies with other shades of blue, including indigo and ultramarine.

Indigo as a color represents spirituality, wisdom and deep thinking, qualities that describe BTS’ leader so well. ARMYs also found that it dates back to BTS’ HYYH era, wherein he can be seen posing alongside a blue truck.

yk what else is indigo ?
indigo is the colour between Purple and Blue… purple is the colour that represents BTS, blue is the colour that expresses Kim Namjoon

Korean ARMYs pointed out its significance in Korean as well. Fans pointed out that it’s a play on words in Korean, which means “Nam’s color.” ARMYs also fondly call him Nam, as his real name is Kim Nam-joon.

Some fans have even related this to the study of science and scientists. They pointed out that Sir Isaac Newton wanted to include Indigo in Newton’s color wheel, bringing the color tally to seven colors, and the number seven is also BTS’ lucky number.

This theory is mind blowing
INDIGO.Correct me if I'm wrong but Indigo in Korean is 남색, 남 Like in Namjoon (남준) and 색 meaning colorSo, Joon's album Indigo could have the meaning of: Nam's Color?! Showing his own aura/personality?!#Indigo #RM

Overall, ARMYs are impressed by the amount of detail and thought that went into creating the album's first appearance.

BTS leader’s solo album is a record of his twenties

I want to talk about the color indigo and why Kim Namjoon is a genius. 🧵

BTS' leader previously revealed that his upcoming album Indigo is a record of his twenties, and he has poured his heart and soul into creating this album. He also revealed that he has been working on the album since early 2019, and it is very different from everything he has done so far.

The album is also going to be a mix of genres with a sonically interesting soundscape.

The pre-orders for Indigo start on November 15, at 11 am KST. Previously, it was heavily speculated that his album would be released on November 25.

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