“Born to be a leader”: BTS fans lavish praise on RM for giving a shoutout to his HYBE labelmates for promoting Run BTS track 

BTS RM thanks his HYBE labelmates for participating in Run BTS dance challenge (Image via Twitter/@jooniesloops)
BTS RM thanks his HYBE labelmates for participating in Run BTS dance challenge (Image via Twitter/@jooniesloops)

BTS fans have praised leader RM for mentioning his HYBE labelmates who are participating in the Run BTS promotional trend.

On November 17, BTS' leader posted multiple Instagram stories of him streaming various songs from HYBE’s different artists. Fans immediately recognized it as his unique way of thanking and recognizing his labelmates for promoting the Run BTS track.

ARMYs have taken to social media to praise the Mono singer for his generosity and kindness to his colleagues, as well as to provide insight into HYBE's internal dynamics, revealing that despite belonging to different groups, the idols get along very well and promote each other's work.

Multi-stans are happy to see their favorite idols interact with each other. “I know he will do it. He will carry everyone. Born to be a leader”, an ARMY wrote on Twitter praising the Mono singer.

BTS RM posts his favorite songs of SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, and more to express his gratitude

BTS' leader took to Instagram to share stories of him streaming his favorite songs from fellow HYBE labelmates SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, and others who participated in the Run BTS dance challenge.

For those unversed, BTS debuted their new b-side track Run BTS at their Busan concert. The members performed the song live for the first time, enthralling ARMYs with their energetic performance and grand choreography.

Fans began writing to BTS and BIG HIT MUSIC almost a month after their Busan concert, requesting the dance practice version of the song.

The dance practice video quickly went viral, and other HYBE artists such as SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, fromis_9, LE SSERAFIM, and ENHYPEN soon joined in on the Run BTS dance challenge.

Fans have now taken to social media to shower praise on BTS’ leader for giving a generous shoutout to his labelmates by streaming their tracks. The list of tracks mentioned in the shoutout includes:

  • SEVENTEEN - Darl+ing
  • NewJeans - Hype Boy
  • fromis_9 - DM
  • LE SSERAFIM - Impurities
  • ENHYPEN - Upper Side Dream

Fans are also speculating that perhaps there is an HYBE collab on the cards with all the artists participating in the Run BTS dance challenge.

Since the song's choreography is complex and demanding, each idol group sent their best dancers to take on the Run BTS dance challenge.

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN was the first to join the Run BTS dance trend, followed by Yeonjun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER. New Jeans’ Haerin, and Minji bust out their best moves, as did Seoyeon from fromis_9. The dance challenge was also attended by the five members of LE SSERAFIM, Jung-won, and ENHYPEN's Ni-ki.

Fans have also noticed that BTS' leader has a personal connection to a few songs he picked. For instance, he helped pen down the lyrics for TOMORROW X TOGETHE’s 0X1 = LOVESONG and was recently spotted dancing to NewJeans' Hype Boy at W Korea's party on October 29, which he attended with fellow bandmate j-hope.

Not only that, BTS’ two youngest members V and Jung Kook participated in the trend as well despite being in two different locations.

V is currently in Paris for some undisclosed personal work. He joined the Run BTS promotional trend on Instagram by posting a shirtless video of himself bopping his head to the music.

On the other hand, Jung Kook is currently in Qatar where he is due to perform at the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 20. The Euphoria singer grooved to the song and shared the video on his personal Instagram with fans.

Meanwhile, fans anticipate that BTS will continue its trend of releasing double title tracks and that the official music video for Run BTS will be released soon.

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Edited by Vinay Agrawal
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