Khaby Lame is being dragged online for body-shaming women (Image via TikTok)

What did Khaby Lame do? TikTok star accused of body-shaming in resurfaced viral videos 

TikTok sensation Khaby Lame is being called out for body-shaming fellow creators on the platform. The 21-year-old recently hit over 100 million followers on TikTok, making him the second person after Charli D’Amelio to hit the 100 million milestone.

But trouble found its way to the TikToker as soon as he became one of the largest content creators on the platform. A video of Khaby Lame body-shaming other TikTokers led to mass outrage against the latest viral sensation.


Some angry TikTokers said:

“I’m so happy I never followed you.”
“People still like him after what he did?”
“So we body- shaming huh?”
“That’s so rude, I can’t believe he would do that. I hope y’all treat him with the same energy as when you cancelled charli for not liking her dinner.”

Why is Khaby Lame getting canceled?

Khabane ‘Khaby’ Lame went from a factory worker to one of the biggest social media creators. Lame often films himself reacting to social media hacks with exasperated expressions. The TikToker has become an internet sensation without saying a single word in his videos. Khaby Lame has over 34.1 million followers on Instagram.


However, social media users dug up an older video of Lame where he appears to be body-shaming other content creators. This was not taken in good spirits by the online community. Moreover, Lame's skyrocketing digital notoriety meant that any scandal would attract vocal critics.

Although Lame has carved out internet stardom for himself, the content creator will have to think twice about the videos he posts online. After the controversial video gained attention, some people came to his defense.

One fan wrote:

“You guys are so dramatic.”

Another echoed the sentiment:

“THIS WAS 8 MONTHS AGO. Trying to get him canceled as soon as he hits 100.”

One of Khaby Lame’s viral videos included Lame freeing himself from a car door when his t-shirt got stuck in it. He was mocking someone who published a video showing an elaborate hack of cutting the t-shirt to get free. Lame's video has amassed over 158 million views.

Another video of Lame mocking someone for using a plastic pizza cutter to cut through the dish has also gained massive views. Khaby Lame can be seen exasperatingly dividing the pizza with his own hands.

Lame has not yet responded to the backlash he is currently receiving online.


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