Tory Lanez and Madonna (Images via Getty Images)

"Read your messages": Madonna calls out Tory Lanez for illegally using her song 'Into the Groove'

Meghdeepa Choudhury

Madonna recently called out rapper Tory Lanez through a comment on his Instagram post. She claimed there was "illegal usage" of her iconic song Into the Groove.

Madonna indicated that she privately messaged Tory about illegally sampling her 1985 song Into the Groove onto his latest release, Pluto's Last Comet, saying:

"Read your messages for illegal usage of my song get into the groove!"

Everything about the beef between Madonna and Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez and Madonna (Images via Getty Images)

The opening music of Tory Lanez's Pluto's Last Comet is undoubtedly similar to the instrumental of Into the Groove. The classic Madonna song was released in 1985 and featured in her acting debut, Desperately Seeking Susan.


Rolling Stone recently included Into the Groove in their enormous list of 500 best songs of all time, ranking the song at #161. Here are the two songs:

Tory has created a character named Ashton Rain for his new 80's inspired album Alone At Prom. About his alter ego, who appears in the music video of Pluto's Last Comet, Tory Lanez stated:

"Ashton Rain is a mixture of Hall & Oates, Toto, Michael Jackson, Rick James and more. The music was so retro and nostalgic that the character had to be created and authenticated through film, picture and music video. Ashton Rain is today’s last hope of getting a full catalog now and later of pure pop, R&B, alternative and 80’s rock music and I’m excited for everyone to hear what I’ve poured my passion into with the Alone At Prom album."

In the Instagram post that Madonna commented on, Tory Lanez promoted his recent album through his portrayal of the character Ashton Rain.

The rapper has not yet responded to Madonna's claim, neither has the 63-year-old singer made a public statement about the incident. It is still unknown if Madonna would be taking any legal steps against the 29-year-old rapper.

Tory Lanez will be appearing in court on January 13, 2022, for the felony assault case against him. He allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in her foot in July 2020. In December, a Los Angeles judge upheld gun possession charges against Tory, who could face 20 years in prison if found guilty.

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