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  • Rubén Blades was "super, super, super, super" happy that Alicia Clark returned to Fear the Walking Dead
Rubén Blades and Danay Garcia (Pictures sourced from official Facebook page)

Rubén Blades was "super, super, super, super" happy that Alicia Clark returned to Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead concluded at the end of eight seasons with Alicia Clark returning to the show, reuniting with her mother, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens).

Rubén Blades, who has been with the show from the first season was thrilled that his old friend returned to end the show on the perfect note. He stated the following:

"I was very, very, very, very happy that Alicia came back because first of all, she’s been with us from the beginning. She should be at the end as well. So, I was super, super, super, super happy that she came back."

Danay Garcia, who has been with Fear the Walking Dead from Season 2 was similarly thrilled with Alycia's return. Her character was initially romantically linked to Alicia's brother Nick, played by Frank Dillane, who was written off in Season 4. Since then, she has become an integral member of the Fear the Walking Dead cast.

SK POP was part of a roundtable discussion with eminent members of the media. Here is a glimpse of the conversation.


Warning: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12.


Danay Garcia was glad that Alicia and Luciana did not reunite on screen in the Fear The Walking Dead finale!

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The theme of the Walking Dead franchise is that family exists in two forms - the one that you're born with and the bonds you form along the way. Having spent eight seasons on Fear the Walking Dead, Ruben Blades and Alycia Debnam-Carey developed a great relationship.

The actor, who also served as a minister in Panama, remarked:

"As far as our relationship, if anything it improved over the years. When we see her, it's like a family. It's like a relative. So, I was super happy to see her."
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Even though Alicia Clark returned to the show, she did not reunite with the larger cast, each of whom set out on their own story. As fans are aware, The Walking Dead branched off into several spinoffs, including The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Danay Garcia (Luciana) was happy with how the reunion played out to bring the Fear the Walking Dead story to a fitting end:

"I felt like her being back, we're finishing what we started. But I'm kinda glad we didn't see each other on screen because then, we'd really have to continue to the show. It would be like okay, what are we doing?"
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The conversation soon became lighthearted as it shifted to Skidmark the cat. The famous feline is best associated with Daniel Salazar, but had gone missing until the very end of the show. Blades remarked:

"The other thing, the nice thing is she took care of my cat."

Garcia laughed and addressed her co-star:

"Yeah, you have that conversation with Alicia. Where did you find him?"

Grammy Award-winning artist Blades replied:

"Maybe I'll thank her next time."

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