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Shark Tank season 14 episode 13 release date, air time, and entrepreneurs

Shark Tank season 14 returns for another episode on Friday, January 27. The upcoming episode will see four entrepreneurs pitch their businesses or projects to the sharks in hopes of getting the funding they need to take their ventures to the next level.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"First into the Tank is an entrepreneur from New Orleans who presents her solution to a serious problem in the kitchen with her nontoxic product that magically helps dispose of cooking oils safely. An entrepreneur from Clifton, New Jersey, pitches his versatile tool that instantly transforms eating utensils into a common kitchen accessory."

It continues:

"While an entrepreneur from Fresno, California, doesn’t want to take any shortcuts in the Tank and introduces his viral device designed to help save time and lessen fatigue. Last into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Gilbert, Arizona, who share their product designed to prevent creepy crawlers from intruding your home."

Shark Tank season 14 episode 13 will air on Friday, January 27, at 8 pm ET on ABC.


The upcoming episode of Shark Tank season 14 will feature 4 entrepreneurs

In the upcoming episode, four entrepreneurs will attempt to get funding for their projects and businesses to be able to achieve new heights.

Set to appear in the upcoming Shark Tank episode are AnyTongs by Tom Samphel, FryAway by Laura Lady, Copy Keyboard by Scotty Trujillo, and Slick Barrier by Tony and Aaron Gonzales.



The Shark Tank season 14 product was launched in 2020 by Tom Samphel, who is a product designer. The product turns any kitchen tool into tongs. It aims to promote food safety as clean utensils are essential to avoid cross-contamination of food so that flavors don’t get mixed up.

The tongs also aim to prevent bacteria from being passed and allergens from one dish from accidentally mixing into another.



Laura Lady, founder and CEO of FryAway, created the plant-based, non-toxic powder that transforms oil into a solid so that disposal becomes easier. As someone who enjoys cooking and eating, Laura wanted to find a way to properly dispose off cooking oil, only to find that it can have an adverse impact on sewer pipes and the environment.

The website stated:

"Oil that high fives other waste products along the way, creating huge FATBERGS and causing major disruptions in our sewer pipes and to our environment. I was determined to find a solution and headed to where I do my best work: the kitchen."

Copy Keyboard

The TikTok-famous product is set to make its way to Shark Tank this Friday. The two-key keyboard allows for easier copy-pasting. The product has been featured on Popsugar. The article stated that while the product will not “flip” one’s life upside down, it will save people some time at the end of the day.

A video on their official TikTok account suggests that Kanye West is one of their customers. The video stated that they saw Kanye with a keyboard that looked all too familiar. The camera then panned to Scotty, who excitedly said that Ye bought his product and uses it.


Slick Barrier

Tony and Aaron Gonzales, co-founders of the Shark Tank product, created it to keep pests from getting inside their homes. These include spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, rodents, and more.

The website stated that while most pesticides eventually kill pests, they don’t stop them from entering houses, which causes a potential danger.

It continued:

"We needed a product that was easy to use. We figured a clear coating would do the trick. We hired a chemist to help us come up with a formulation. And after many, many tries we finally developed a coating that worked on rodents and insects."

Tune in on Friday, January 27, at 8 pm ET on ABC to see which product gets funding on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank season 14.


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