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TikTok's resident pug Noodle predicts "bones day" and amasses huge fan following (Image via TikTok/ jongraz)

What is Bones day? Noodle the Pug TikTok videos win hearts online 

Senior TikTok dog Noodle has gained popularity on social media after he accidentally predicted what the day would look like. Some followers are ardently following the dog as a way to receive their daily horoscopes.

The 13-year-old pug picks whether he should stand or remain sitting in a relaxed position. Noodle’s owner Jonathan Graziano lifts the dog slightly from his bed and leaves the rest to the dog. If Noodle stands, it would be “bones day,” if he chooses to slump down, it is a “no bones day.”


The owner told Insider that he adopted the pug when he was just seven and a half years old in 2016. He embraced him from his previous owner when they could not care for the dog known for his predictions.

What is TikTok dog Noodle famous for?


Noodle has had a massive social media following since an Instagram account was created for him in 2016. Noodle’s Instagram handle is @showmenoodz. The dog has over 44k followers as of now. He also has over a million followers on TikTok who religiously await the dog’s predictions.

Noodle’s TikTok videos are posted daily. Graziano said in a video that “Noodle really calls the shots.” Filming Noodle content depends on whether the dog chooses to wake up from a slumber or not.

Noodle the pug amasses huge following on social media (Image via TikTok/ jongraz)

Graziano records Noodle’s morning movements and regularly amasses over a million views for it. Noodle predicts a good and productive day when he has a “bones day” and predicts a “no bones day” when the day looks bleak.

For Noodle, a “no bones day” does not mean a bad day. It is simply an excuse to be unproductive and lay in bed. While explaining what “no bones day” meant, Graziano said in a video:

"I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don't wanna do them."

Reacting to Noodle’s TikTok predictions, some followers said:

"I work as a vet tech and I write on our treatment board if it's a bones or no bones day.”
"Noodle pls, I have a law school midterm!”
I've become slightly obsessed with Noodle the pug on TikTok who has the ability to tell what kind of day we're going to have based on whether he wakes up with bones or not. Is it strange? Yes. Do I love it? Absolutely.
4:38 AM · Oct 15, 2021
Noodle the pug literally determines how my day is gonna go. It is definitely a no bones day.
10:53 AM · Oct 14, 2021
i just found a tiktok account dedicated to waking up a pug named noodle and if he flops over it’s a “no bones” day and if he stays upright it’s a “bones” day AND PEOPLE CHECK THE BONES FORECAST LIKE IT’S A HOROSCOPE I AM CRYING
9:18 AM · Oct 14, 2021
Me waiting for noodle the pug’s forecast and needing a good day:
3:22 AM · Oct 13, 2021
1:30 AM · Oct 16, 2021
Noodle the pug said it’s a no bones day so I’m getting back in bed
10:14 AM · Oct 13, 2021
If who is on the Noodle the Pug side of TikTok but is “it’s a no bones day” a suitable excuse to call in to work?
6:12 AM · Oct 15, 2021
not leaving my apartment until I know if Noodle the pug will have bones today or not cuz I gotta know what kinda day to prepare for
9:20 AM · Oct 16, 2021
Noodle said it's a Bones Day! The pug has spoken so I must be productive.
8:12 AM · Oct 18, 2021
Dan: I really wanted to nap today but it’s a bones day so I gotta work. #noodlethepug
11:01 AM · Oct 15, 2021

The TikTok “Bones Day” predictions amassed popularity online this month, but Graziano explained to Insider that the projections have been happening at their abode since Noodle arrived home. The dog owner added that he would attempt to prepare Noodle for the day, but sometimes he would choose to lay down relaxed.


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