Who is Brittany Dawn? Influencer under fire after husband shoots dog dead

The fitness influencer revealed that her husband shot her injured dog (Image via realbrittanydawn/Instagram)
The fitness influencer revealed that her husband shot her injured dog (Image via realbrittanydawn/Instagram)

Brittany Dawn is receiving severe backlash after taking to her YouTube channel on October 14 announcing that her dog, Brodie, was unfortunately injured in a hit-and-run case. The influencer revealed that her husband Jordan Nelson fired at the injured dog as they were sure there was no chance for Brodie to live.

The 30-year-old has amassed over 250k followers on YouTube, offering various fitness programs on her website.

Though the influencer has a huge following online, critics have brought to attention that her fitness programs often cater to young women with eating disorders. Brittany Dawn has been called out for suggesting triggering tricks to lose weight, including hashtags like “skip dinner” to “be healthy”.

Since the fitness influencer informed fans of her dog’s death, Dawn has gone viral on social media for her pet’s uncalled-for death.

What happened to Brittany Dawn’s dog?

In a short clip on her YouTube channel, the Texas native narrated the shocking incident of her dog being hit by a car on the street. Brittany Dawn revealed that she let her dog go out of her fenced backyard as Brodie “goes adventuring”.

As the YouTuber spoke about her dog being severely injured in the streets, she said:

“I wish I could unsee what I saw. He got hit so hard. There was no saving him.”

She added:

“Thank the lord no one was driving around the corner. I just wanted my dog back. Jordon chased me and held me before I fell to the ground. I just collapsed.”

The fitness and nutrition influencer stated that her husband, Jordon Nelson, an ex-cop, took her inside her home while two strangers who observed the incident made sure no one came towards her home and where the incident had taken place.

Brittany Dawn mentioned:

“Jordon had to rush me inside while the other two men ensured no one else came. The gunshot went off, and poor Jordon had to do it for Brodie. There was no saving him.”

Internet reacts to Jordon Nelson firing at their Brittany Dawn’s dog

Netizens were enraged by everything that unfolded at the time of Brodie’s death. Many took to social media, saying:

Brittany Dawn’s husband shot her dog and I can’t believe the racist ex-cop is already showing this much violence like 1 month into their marriage
I can not even fathom how Brittany Dawn allowed her husband to shoot their dog that was hit by a car instead of taking it to the vet?????? What an actual trash bag scum of the earth person. You’re vile, BDong. VILE.
An Instagram influencer’s dog got hit by a car and despite still breathing, her husband’s first thought was to carry out a mercy killing instead of going to an emergency vet. Texans are a different breed of crazy. Lookin’ at you, Brittany Dawn.
Brittany dawn is the most horrible human being to exist on the internet. She’s owned countless pets that she’s either rehomed, abused, and now k*lled. She’s scammed thousands of people and rebranded as a cult-ish Christian. Her husband is also being sued for beating a black man.…
So is someone going to be investigating b dawn for animal abuse considering the fact that she openly admitted to her and her husband shooting their dog in the head or ??????

Brittany Dawn had previously been exposed for “scamming” her followers who bought fitness programs costing close to $300. The programs promised to give customized plans, personal coaching sessions, and nutrition plans, but customers complained that all the programs were “generic” and the same.

Since then, it has been revealed that Dawn had been deleting negative feedback and reviews on social media platforms.

Dawn is not the first influencer to be called out for killing her dog. Earlier this year, YouTuber Nikki Phillippi and her husband Dan took to their YouTube channel announcing they had put their dog down after he attacked their infant son.

Since then, the two have been canceled from social media.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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