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Blackpink has joined the "Jiggle Jiggle" trend (Image via @roses_are_rosie/TikTok)

What is the ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ trend on TikTok? BLACKPINK joins viral dance challenge leaving netizens awestruck 

BLACKPINK has joined the "Jiggle Jiggle" trend and fans are loving it. The video was posted by Rose on her TikTok account, @roses_are_rosie, on Friday, May 28. The video also featured her bandmates, Lisa and Jennie.

The video has since gone viral on the app, with over 75 million views and 16 million likes as of writing.


BLACKPINK members danced to the "Jiggle Jiggle" soundtrack


The girls danced to the trending song made of documentarian Louis Theroux's rap lyrics. Rose took centre stage, while Lisa and Jennie danced in the background. The group tried to keep a straight face while attempting the viral choreography. Rose missed a step, but bounced back immediately before being carried off-camera by her collaborators.


The new video was uploaded after a long break of eight months. The BLACKPINK members looked amazing in their chic outfits. Rose flaunted her shoulder-length hair in a structured cropped blazer, while Lisa wore a loose shirt with bow detail at the neckline and high waisted trousers. Jennie wore a white minidress with a black belt.

The video gained over 360k comments, many of which asked about Jisoo since she was absent from the video. User Roseanne enquired about the fourth band member in her comment that read:


While many poked fun at the girl's expressions. user Asnae Br commented:

"Lisa and Jennie looks like they being kidnapped. How much did you pay them to do this with you rose?"

Quite a few BLACKPINK fans asked about upcoming songs from the band, while some swooned over Rose's new haircut.

User Momostrawberry commented:

"Everybody agree that we need to see new songs of blackpink ?"

Another user named Butterfly said:


What is the "Jiggle Jiggle" trend?


The song was taken from a 2000s interview with British-American journalist Louis Theroux on Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg. Chicken Shop Date is a YouTube series where Dimoldenberg conducted interviews in a manner resembling awkward first dates.

The 52-year-old journalist shared the lyrics on the YouTube series, which was picked up by producer duo, Duke and Jones. The lyrics read:

“My money don’t jiggle, jiggle, it folds / I like to see you wiggle, wiggle, for sure.”
$3 $3 $3

The creators remixed the video as part of their "Adding Autotune to Random Videos" series on TikTok. They later created an extended version of the song that can be found on their YouTube account.

The original video has gained over 61 million views and 7 million likes on TikTok. Jess Qualter, another creator on TikTok, created the viral choreography.

She performed a quirky and almost-silly dance routine with her partner Brooke. The video was viral and has been viewed more than 53 million times. The two creators later made a joint TikTok account called @brookieandjessie. The audio boasts over 4 million videos currently, most of which are dance videos performing the choreography by Jess and Brooke.


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