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Mary Bonnet and Romain Bonnet (Image via Instagram/ @themaryfitzgerald)

What is septic miscarriage? Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald opens up about pregnancy loss in new Instagram video

Mary Fitzgerald, one of the cast members of Selling Sunset recently took to social media to share that she suffered a miscarriage and is doing her best to remain positive. She added that she is doing her best to support others suffering the same loss and help them learn that they aren't alone.

Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of a miscarriage which may be a triggering topic for some. Discretion is advised.


In an emotional video posted on Instagram on Friday, March 31, 2023, Mary explained how she got pregnant with her husband Romain Bonner. She said that unfortunately, the pregnancy didn't go to term and she suffered a miscarriage.

As she held back tears, Mary said that she didn't just suffer a miscarriage, she also had a septic miscarriage and had to undergo surgery for the same.

A septic miscarriage is also known as a septic abortion and it refers to any abortion that is spontaneous or induced and is complicated by uterine infections or endometritis. UpToDate states that septic abortions refer to pregnancies that are of less than 20 weeks gestations. Meanwhile, the ones in over 20 weeks gestation with intrauterine infection are known as intraamniotic infection.

Women who suffer a septic miscarriage may experience chills, fever, vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, and a rapid heart rate. A surgical procedure is then required to remove the infection's source.


Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald shared an emotional video on Instagram

In the video, Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald explained that miscarriages are common and that people should be aware of the situation. Along with giving support to the women who have gone through the same thing she did, the star also said that the reason she is speaking up is because of how common it is.

Mary Fitzgerald also said that the time has been tough for her and her husband Romain as she went through the miscarriage. However, she did say that the couple will keep trying until they have "good news to share."


In the caption of the video, she said that the couple wouldn't be giving up on trying to have a baby. She added that if the message resonated with anyone who was watching it, they were all in it together, and asked them to "hang in there."

Mary's Selling Sunset co-stars and coworkers at The Oppenheim Group shared their love and support in the comments section following the video.

A comment from her co-star Amanza Smith stated that they "will have good news very soon." Additionally, Brett Oppenheim, president and broker of Oppenheim Real Estate, expressed his support for Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet.

It is worth noting that Mary has a 28-year-old son from a previous relationship, whom she raised as a single mother.


In the past, Mary Fitzgerald had struggled with fertility

Mary Fitzgerald and Wilhelmina model Romain Bonnet's wedding took place on October 12, 2019. The wedding was also featured in Selling Sunset season two. During the ceremony, Mary was walked down the aisle by her son Austin.

In June 2022, Mary shared her experience of egg freezing, and even though the couple wasn't interested in getting pregnant at the time, they wanted to have that option available for later.

A video was posted on Instagram with the caption, “An update on my embryo freezing journey." In the video, she said that they weren't successful in fertilizing any of the eggs that they had collected, and added that while they were disappointed, they were keeping their "heads up."

Mary added:

“Freeze your eggs when you’re young. I don’t feel old. I don’t feel I look old. But our eggs can’t work out, they can’t do botox. Your eggs age. Unfortunately, this is part of being over 40”

Afterward, Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet went through the egg-freezing process again.

While Mary did have a miscarriage, she and Romain are planning on trying again soon, as per her latest video.


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