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Fans are currently aware of the absolute destruction Isshiki Otsutsuki is capable of (Image via Sportskeeda)

Who is Isshiki Otsutsuki? 4 facts about the greatest villain in 'Boruto'

With the infamous and formidable Isshiki Otsutsuki finally making his appearance in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime in the last few episodes, here are some facts fans need to know about Boruto's greatest villain.

Boruto is well moving towards "the death of the Shinobi world," with enemies beyond the gamut of jutsu and chakra. With enemies like the Otsutsuki, using ninjutsu is practically useless.


In the wake of this development, Boruto introduced the next big villain, Isshiki Otsutsuki. As fans know, this alien/God is powerful enough to ultimately overpower Baryon Mode Naruto.

Isshiki Otsutsuki is the greatest villain in 'Boruto' right now


So far, the community knows that Boruto's current greatest villain is to be feared. However, some details about this insanely powerful Otsutsuki have been revealed over several episodes.

1) He was paired with Kaguya


As was revealed by Amado, the Otsutsuki visit planets in pairs to harvest chakra. Viewers encountered only one of the Otsutsuki who invaded earth back in Naruto Shippuden. As was later revealed, Kaguya was paired with Isshiki when she came to earth to devour the chakra of humans.

2) Jigen was a hasty and accidental vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki


Although the Otsutsuki implant karma onto a chosen vessel to resurrect themselves, Jigen was not a chosen vessel of Isshiki.


Kaguya, who Isshiki was paired with, turned against the Otsutsuki and attacked Isshiki off-guard. During the fight, Isshiki suffered serious injustices and was pushed to the brink of death. Seeing no other way out, he took over the body of a young monk who happened to be nearby: Jigen.

3) His right eye possesses a formidable Dojutsu


As may have noticed, Isshiki possesses a unique kekkei genkai in his right eye. While the name of this eye has not yet been revealed, it is capable of performing a dangerous ocular jutsu: the Sukunahikona.

Sukunahikona allows Isshiki to change the size of the matter, specifically, all non-living objects and himself. This is the ability that allows him to shrink himself to a particulate state or enlarge particulate objects and hurl them (like the chakra rods).

4) Isshiki has spare karma implanted on Code

As it turns out, Isshiki implanted a white Karma on Code (Image via Fandomwiki)

After Kawaki's ingenious plan to avoid getting implanted with Isshiki's karma, fans thought the troublesome alien was a goner. However, as it turns out, he had a new type of karma implanted on the Kara inner Code.

Code's karma cannot absorb jutsu. However, it allows Code to use Isshiki's power and essentially allows Code to become an Otsutsuki himself.

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