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The Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 competitive queue will end soon (Image via Riot Games)

When does Valorant Competitive queue end for Episode 5 Act 3?

With a new Episode of Valorant on the cards, the current Act of the game will soon come to a close. The seasonal format developers follow in this title is a rather interesting one. A single major seasonal umbrella is called an Episode, and under this umbrella, there are three distinct acts. Each Act lasts about two months, meaning each Episode lasts around six months.

Every Act has its competitive queue, and whenever a player participates in competitive matches, they receive points that count toward their ranking in Valorant. This ranking only lasts for one Act, and players will have to participate in placement matches to get their new rank whenever there's a new one coming. But when does the competitive queue for Episode 5 Act 3 come to an end?


Episode 5 Act 3 of Valorant ends in a less than a week

Since Episode 6 Act 1 begins on January 10, 2023, the current competitive queue is expected to end on the same date. The servers are expected to go offline at around 14:00 PDT, so the competitive queue should end at around 06:00 PDT on the same day. Although most Acts last around two months, Episode 5 Act 3 can be considered an exception. If the start and end dates are taken into account, this Act is approximately three months long.

Once the competitive queue ends, players won't be able to participate in ranked matches until the next Act goes live. Other modes in the game will be live until the servers go down, so one will still be able to play Valorant and grind through the last few remaining levels in their Battlepass.

Although the new Episode begins on January 10, Riot Games will probably drop a trailer for this new addition on January 5, as seen on the official Valorant Twitter account. Developers have dropped two teasers already. The first teaser is for the upcoming City of Flowers map in Valorant. The last map to join the game was Pearl, and the community had a fun time chasing each other through the map's tight corners.

.JAN // .05 // .2023

What secrets the City of Flowers holds will be interesting to discover. The map is rumored to have a new mechanic, which isn't a teleporter or ropes, so that is something worth looking forward to.

The second teaser showed Omen trimming a bonsai plant. Although this teaser hints at the return of Split to the map queue, a few other elements have been going on in the teaser. First, there's a Legion logo in the background, which could imply it's probably on Omega Earth. Moreover, there is an individual standing in front of the monitor.

Although this person shares a lot of resemblance with Sage, there are a few signs to indicate that it might not be her. If this mysterious individual is a new Agent, more information about them will likely surface in the upcoming days. Since Harbor went live in Episode 5 Act 3, it's unlikely that a new Agent will go live in Episode 6 Act 1. But there's always a chance that the subsequent Acts of Valorant will have a few exciting additions to the game.

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