The Big Dog is now on the blue brand

3 factors that led to Roman Reigns being moved to SmackDown Live

  • A list of reasons why Vince McMahon decided to bring the Big Dog on SmackDown Live
Avik Das

The fans were exhilarated for the Superstar Shake-Up, and WWE did not disappoint. Several superstars swapped brands this week and it will freshen things up in the future.


Monday Night RAW shocked everyone when AJ Styles arrived on the red brand. However, SmackDown stepped up when Roman Reigns became the newest member of the roster. It was definitely the most exciting moment of the Superstar Shake-Up this year.

WWE already announced that the Chairman would be making an appearance to reveal the biggest acquisition in the history of SmackDown Live. Mr.McMahon being a heel, he presented Elias instead, and the fans were very disappointed by the decision. Roman Reigns subsequently interrupted the Drifter, and proceeded to attack both him and McMahon.

Despite being the poster boy of WWE, the Big Dog left the flagship show to join the blue brand. Here we discuss three reasons why it happened.

 #3 SmackDown Live will move to Fox

WWE has a huge deal with Fox

It is no secret that SmackDown Live will move to Fox, which is one of the biggest networks in the United States. It was a titanic boost for WWE when the company landed a deal last year. Alongside NBC, ABC, and CBS, Fox is one of the most recognized networks. As a result, WWE will manage to get a broader audience.


Since RAW is called the flagship show of the company, SmackDown Live does not get similar attention. The ratings of the red brand are usually higher than the blue brand every week. However, the scenario could alter after SmackDown moves to Fox in October. Moreover, the network demanded improvement in the quality of the product after the deal, with emphasis on more sports-based content.

It is a no-brainer that big names draw ratings and we saw this approach in the Superstar Shake-Up this year. Roman Reigns, who is undeniably the biggest full-time superstar of the company, could bring significant ratings. Considering Ronda Rousey is on hiatus, and Brock Lesnar's future is uncertain, Roman Reigns is the best option to bring attention to the blue brand. 

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Published 18 Apr 2019, 17:17 IST