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Elias Samson


Elias Samson Profile

Elias Samson is a RAW superstar, known for his parody music and hitting the opponents with his

guitar, much like the Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett did, through their professional wrestling

careers. Before he ever arrived in WWE, Elias Samson was known as Heavy Metal Jesus in the

independent circuit.



Elias Samson made his NXT debut as a jobber, and continued to be one until he discovered his

character. He began to be known as The Drifter and had feuds with the likes of Apollo Crews and

Kassius Ohno. Ohno defeated Elias Samson in a ‘Loser Leaves NXT Match’, forcing him to quit the

promotion. Elias Samson would return subsequently in a mask, under the name El Vagabundo.

Main Roster

Elias Samson became one of those rare cases of a superstar who attained greater success in the

main roster than he did in NXT. He came up to RAW in 2017, often drifting about in the background.

Corey Graves, the announcer who despised his music in NXT, carried the gimmick to RAW as well.

Elias Samson would drop his last name and come be known simply as Elias. He had a feud with Jason

Jordan, followed by one with John Cena and another with Finn Balor. Subsequently, Elias would turn

babyface owing to the massive crowd support he has, and embark on a feud with Bobby Lashley and

his hype man Lio Rush.

Elias took on Bobby Lashley in a ladder match on the TLC Kickoff Show. He remains one of WWE’s

most entertaining performers.


elias main roster


As Elias (Samson)

Diving elbow drop – 2015; used as a signature move thereafter; Snap swinging neckbreaker – 2015; Drift Away (Swinging fisherman neckbreaker) – 2017–present; The Encore (Rolling cutter) – 2016–2017; used as a signature move thereafter

As Logan Shulo

Halo Bomb (Electric chair dropped into a sitout powerbomb)


Abdominal stretch; Big boot; Body slam toss; Boston crab; Corner mule kick; Diving knee drop; Guitar shot; Diving double foot stomp; Dropkick; Halo Bomb (Electric chair dropped into a sitout powerbomb); Elevated wristlock; High knee; Lariat; Multiple backbreaker variations (Pendulum, Shoulder, Canadian) Powerbomb; Reverse chinlock; Running leaping shoulder block; Southpaw Clothesline (Left-Handed Clothesline); Vertical suplex; Walk with Elias (Arm twist ropewalk chop) - adopted from The Undertaker


"Darkside of the Road" by Ol' Style Skratch (NXT; April 24, 2015 – December 16, 2015); "Drift" by CFO$ (NXT/WWE; December 23, 2015 – present)


"The Drifter"[2]; "The Sinister Songsmith"; "WWE's Modern-Day Bob Dylan"; "The Treacherous Troubadour"


What does WWE stand for Elias?

Walk With Elias

What is Elias real name?

Jeffrey Logan Sciullo

Does Elias really play guitar?

Elias said learning guitar came “natural.” He also knows how to play the piano, drums and harmonica

How old is Elias wrestler?

31 years (22 November 1987)

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