Puke you, WWE

5 Superstars who will never forgive the WWE

  • Even the mafia would speak in hushed tones about these
Reshma Ramachandran

If we are supposed to go by the adage that in the world of wrestling controversy does create cash, then well, WWE has done mighty, mighty well. WWE have been home to so many controversies and you don’t become that big of a corporate company without creating a lot of bad blood amongst some or many employees.

With social media almost killing kayfabe, the politics in the industry have come to the notice of many and they have been documented enough to register a good idea of what’s happening backstage.

Here are the 5 people who may just hate the WWE:

  1. CM Punk
CM Punk was always vocal about his views on the WWE

There is no former WWE employee who was as famously, publicly displeased as CM Punk in the past 2 years since his departure from the company. He had been vocal about what bugged him while he was there until he just couldn’t take it anymore and left on his own terms and created a lot of ripples for many weeks to come.

Be it reasons related to carelessness from the company regarding his health issues, the backbreaking schedule or the backstage politics- Punk took it as long as he could until he vowed never to go back to what was once the love of his life - Wrestling.

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Published 20 May 2016, 20:35 IST