In this column, we will look at 5 things that could happen when The Shield reunites again

5 things that could happen when The Shield reunites again

  • Some of these things may shock the fans
Ishaan Sharma
Modified 01 Mar 2019, 17:30 IST

Last month, the WWE genuinely dazzled the fans with the arrival of Roman Reigns, Batista and Kevin Owens.

Even though Vince McMahon had announced Reigns’ return prior to the show, it was still like a surprise to the fans. During Raw, Reigns announced that he was in remission and in just some time, he will be fighting in the ring.

Last week, we also saw the reunion of Shield when Reigns and Rollins came to save Dean Ambrose from the Corbin Alliance. After a long time, The Shield reunited but what could happen when the group reunites again?

Here are 5 possible scenarios that could take place when The Shield reunites again.

#5 Braun Strowman joins the group

The Shield is currently rumoured to have a 4th member soon

From the past few weeks, there have been quite a few rumors regarding The Shield. According to some reports, WWE is planning to do another Shield reunion but this time with a 4th member.

Yes, you heard it right; The Shield could be getting a new member soon. But who is that wrestler going to be?

Considering the things that are happening on Raw, I think Braun Strowman could join The Shield soon. He is feuding with Corbin right now but every time he gets his hands on him, The Monster Among Men gets attacked by Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. Something similar happened on last Raw when Ambrose was facing McIntyre. Suddenly, he was surrounded by Corbin, Lashley, and Elias who then attacked him.

Strowman has an issue with every one of these Superstars and it why he could join forces with The Shield. The group is already a fan favorite and adding the Strowman to it will only do wonders. But, the real question remains, will the WWE Universe accept Strowman in The Shield?

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Published 01 Mar 2019, 17:30 IST