5 WWE Superstars who should lead the RETRIBUTION faction on RAW

  • WWE's newest faction revealed on RAW is officially named RETRIBUTION.
  • What are RETRIBUTION's motives? Who is their leader? What impact will they have?
Rohit Nath
Modified 05 Aug 2020, 10:43 IST

Retribution is here. On the August 3rd episode of Monday Night RAW, there was an interesting but brief segment, where a group in black hoodies were seen setting something on fire - implied to be the generator.


At first, there was a thought that it may have been related to RAW Underground, but as it turns out, that's not the case. WWE took to social media recently to confirm that the faction calls themselves RETRIBUTION.

It's instantly caught the interest of fans in what was an already-stacked and happening episode of Monday Night RAW. It seems like WWE went out all guns blazing on August 3rd in what many considered the best episode of RAW in months.

RETRIBUTION has a part to play in that, but there's already an air of mystery surrounding the faction. Who are they? What are their intentions? Why are they vandalizing property? Does the WWE Performance Center even have basic security? We certainly can't answer all these questions, but what we can play around with is the idea of who is leading the RETRIBUTION faction.

Here are five possible names:

#5. Dominik Dijakovic announces his RAW debut with RETRIBUTION?

Dominik Dijakovic has been rumored to make his RAW debut

NXT star Dominik Dijakovic admittedly makes the least storyline sense to lead RETRIBUTION on this list, but one can't deny that an impactful debut makes all the difference.

Dominik Dijakovic represents the evolution of "Big Men" in WWE and has been rumored to make his RAW debut for a while now. While WWE might be waiting for the right time, RETRIBUTION might be their way of making the biggest debut possible.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens if Dijakovic is the leader of RETRIBUTION. However, one could argue that he would be better suited as the "muscle" of the faction.

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Published 05 Aug 2020, 10:43 IST