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The former world champion appeared on a SmackDown episode earlier this month.

"I'm actually really shocked"- Kurt Angle didn't know he wrestled in WWE legend's retirement match

During this week's episode of his podcast, WWE veteran Kurt Angle admitted to being unaware that he was one of the competitors in Hulk Hogan's last match many years back.

Kurt Angle is among the few wrestlers with a Hall of Fame career in multiple promotions. The Olympic hero had a great run in IMPACT Wrestling, where he worked with several veterans of the business, including Hulk Hogan.


The Hulkster last stepped into the ring in 2012 for a series of house shows in the UK called the TNA Maximum IMPACT Tour. The former WWE Champion worked two six-man tag team matches as he teamed up with James Storm and Sting to take on the alliance of Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, and Kurt Angle.

The second live event contest on January 27th, 2012, is officially Hulk Hogan's last ever bout. Kurt Angle was shocked when he learned about the fact nearly ten years later. Angle recalled the match in question and said that sharing the squared circle with Hulk Hogan was a privilege. Here's how Kurt reacted on this week's episode of The Kurt Angle Show:

"I didn't know that until now. Right now! I honestly didn't! I'm actually really shocked, but you're absolutely right! That's the last time he wrestled. And to be a part of that, you know, Hogan was the biggest name in the history of wrestling. He transformed wrestling. So, to be a part of that, I'm really proud of that." [6:40 - 7:20]

In case you missed it, you can check out the Smackdown results here.


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Interesting idea pitched for Kurt Angle to get a new role in WWE

Kurt Angle most recently appeared on the December 9th episode of SmackDown to celebrate his 54th birthday, which featured some memorable moments. The retired veteran is clearly on excellent terms with Triple H's WWE and is always just a call away for a special appearance.

While fans enjoy seeing Kurt Angle pop up sporadically on TV, Vince Russo feels that WWE could get more out of the former world champion by bringing him back as a full-time agent backstage.


The latest episode of Writing with Russo revolved around the possibility of Kurt Angle and another current star replacing the existing team of agents. You can read more on that right here.

Would you like to see WWE use Kurt Angle in a larger capacity moving forward? Sound off in the comments section below.

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