Matt Jackson has explained greater detail as to why The Young Bucks left Twitter

AEW's Matt Jackson explains why The Young Bucks left Twitter

  • AEW's Matt Jackson has explained why The Young Bucks deactivated their Twitter accounts
  • AEW's Brandi Rhodes also closed her Twitter account this past week
Owen Churchill
Modified 16 Sep 2020, 18:32 IST

In December of 2019, AEW wrestlers Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks both decided to deactivate their Twitter accounts due to threatening messages received on the social media platform.

In recent days the trend of AEW wrestlers deactivating their Twitter accounts has continued after AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes deleted her Twitter account.


Since then, Matt Jackson has taken to his official Instagram account to share an Instagram story praising anyone who takes a break from social media and going into further detail as to why he and his brother decided to deactivate their respective Twitter accounts:

"I applaud anyone who decides to take a break from social media. Especially the toxic world of Twitter specifically. We logged off when threatening messages were sent to us regularly and finally the last straw came when google map images of our homes were being tweeted to us. It's been a nice break for our mental health. If someone decides to sign off, good for them."

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes leaves Twitter

Last week Brandi Rhodes deactivated her Twitter account. This was after the AEW Chief Brand Officer received criticism during the announcement of the AEW Heels community.

The AEW Heels initiative is an online, female fan exclusive platform with an annual membership fee of $49. After several "fans" took umbrage with the membership price and voiced their displeasure about the platform, Brandi Rhodes took the decision to close her Twitter account.

It has since been revealed that Brandi Rhodes decided to close her Twitter account due to allegedly receiving several racially abusive messages and tweets.


Brandi Rhodes' husband Cody posted a tweet explaining his wife's reasons for leaving the social platform. The AEW Executive Vice President has subsequently deleted the tweet. However, this was reported on by WrestleTalk:

“Leaving a social app because you open your phone to an absurd amount of n bombs is respectfully understandable. No place for that.”

Brandi Rhodes is still regularly posts on her Instagram account and recently shared the success of the first AEW Heels online gathering.

Published 10 Aug 2020, 05:57 IST