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An Attitude Era veteran has discussed a transitional period for the company

Ex-WWE Superstar's reaction after the company lost major lawsuit

WWE Superstar Val Venis has discussed the company's transition from WWF to WWE in 2002.

Vince McMahon's empire was known as the WWF, or World Wrestling Federation until 2002. A lawsuit from a separate entity, also known as WWF, sued them for their right to the name.


The World Wildlife Fund, a charity dedicated to animal conservation, defeated the McMahon-run empire in court, forcing them to change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Attitude Era legend Val Venis discussed the lawsuit during a recent interview appearance. In a recent clip uploaded to the WSI - Wrestling Shoot Interviews YouTube Channel, Venus noted that he didn't think the change would work. He also noted that having grown up with WWF, he felt it could've been the 'end' of pro wrestling:

"Now, I grew up with WWF. So when they lost that court case, in my mind, this is the power of conditioning for human minds, when they lost that court case, and they dropped that F and they put the E, I was like, okay, this is the end of professional wrestling," said Venis. "It doesn't sound right, World Wrestling Entertainment, it sounds right now, because I've been indoctrinated with WWE now, but prior to that it's World Wrestling Federation. World Wrestling Entertainment doesn't sound right." (2:15 - 2:45)

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The WWE Legend then outlined a 'genius' Vince McMahon idea

Val Venis then discussed the former WWE CEO's ability to make the most out of the situation.

The former Intercontinental Champion then discussed the 'get the F out' campaign run by the company in early 2000s. The McMahon empire ran vignettes with the slogan on it, as well as the iconic t-shirt design:

"The very next TV and Vince already has t-shirt's made up that say 'get the F out,'" continued Venis. "It was genius, he literally turned a lawsuit into cash. And that's value being created, because now the fans go out and they want that shirt." (3:01 - 3:20)
#OnThisDayinWWE 20 years ago on #WWERaw:

The WWE revealed its new logo after changing its name from the WWF, along with a new slogan: 'Get the F out'

"A new look, same attitude", declared @JRsBBQ

Val Venis recently discussed the issues a young WWE Superstar had backstage. You can read more about this by clicking right here.

What did you think of Val Venis' comments? Do you remember the 'get the F out' campaign? You can share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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