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Johnny Ace allegedly told the trainer he would be fired

WWE almost fired former champion for failing to "dress more professionally"; John Laurinaitis involved

Former WWE trainer Dr. Tom Prichard has discussed John Laurinaitis trying to fire him for wearing sweatpants to work.

Tom Prichard worked for WWE between 1992 and 1995, and then again between 1995 and 2004. During this time, he was used as an in-ring talent in the tag team division. He was later a trainer in the WWE developmental system.


He returned to the company between 2007 and 2012, trading places with former trainer Bill DeMott for various top coaching positions. Dr. Tom discussed nearly being fired from his duties by Johnny Ace during a recent podcast.

In a clip uploaded to the Story Time with Dutch Mantell YouTube Channel, Prichard noted that the former WWE Executive tried to fire him for wearing sweatpants to work. Laurinaitis allegedly told Prichard he could make it so he could wear sweatpants 'every day,' an obvious threat to Dr. Tom's job:

"John Laurinaitis told me one time, I need to dress more professionally," said Prichard. "So that was on a Friday and I knew he was gonna be on the road on Monday. So guess what I came in wearing on the Monday? Sweatpants. He called the office to see what I was wearing, he really did." (0:14 - 0:32)

Dr. Tom then outlined the nature of the phone call between him and Johnny Ace:

"And Russo put the call into me, he said 'you got a call on one' or whatever," continued Prichard. "I picked up and he said 'Hey Tommy, what are you wearing today?' I said 'oh, hell.' He said, 'I could make it to where you can wear sweatpants every day if you want." (0:35- 0:49)

When was John Laurinaitis' last WWE appearance?

John Laurinaitis last appeared on WWE TV at the 2020 edition of Money In The Bank during the company's pandemic era.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, WWE hosted the event from their world headquarters. The Money In The Bank match winners would be the first Superstars to retrieve the briefcases from the roof of the building. Johnny Ace made a cameo in this match.

A pie shot so vicious that John Laurinaitis takes a bump #MITB

John Laurinaitis was relieved of his WWE duties in 2022. He was also implicated in a number of accusations aimed at former WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

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