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Sasha Banks jokes about having Authority figure induct her into WWE Hall of Fame

And she did it in the most epic way possible!

Lennard Surrao
Published Dec 13, 2019

Sasha Banks

The general opinion of Vince McMahon amongst the WWE Universe is that of a hard-to-please boss who maintains a strictly professional relationship with his talents, which at times, gets quite rocky.

The same was said about Sasha Banks' relationship with Vince McMahon when she went on a hiatus after WrestleMania 35.

However, it seems like The Boss and Mr. McMahon share a very close bond.

Sasha Banks took to Twitter and joked about choosing Vince McMahon as the person who would induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame. She took it one step further with an epic photoshop job:


The aforementioned tweet is an obvious jab at the fact that Hall of Fame inductees are banned from mentioning Vince McMahon's name during the ceremony. Bret Hat had mentioned Vince McMahon's name a few times during last year's show and McMahon with it wasn't too happy behind the scenes, as per X-Pac.

Sasha Banks is currently in her element as a heel alongside Bayley on SmackDown Live. The former Women's Champion has had a chaotic 2019 as she reportedly threatened to quit the company after dropping the WWE Women's Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 35.

Her relationship with the company, specifically with Vince McMahon, was brought into question, and at one point, it seemed like she may never return to TV.


Thankfully for the fans, Banks returned in August as a heel and has now taken up the role of being one of the top female Superstars on SmackDown.

While speaking to Cool Greg of We Have Cool Freinds, Sasha Banks said that she has a great relationship with McMahon and that the two text each jokes on an everyday basis.

Vince McMahon apparently gave Banks a new contract, a private jet and her own bus! Of course, she's playing up her heel gimmick!

“Since I came back, he gave me a really good contract. We have this great relationship, because, you know, we talk money. He wants me to make him cool so I’m just helping him with his jokes, we’ll text jokes to each other every single day. He sends me a private jet. He gave me my own bus. I’m just so blessed. I’m probably the first-ever woman to have her own bus.”

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