Sheamus opens up about whether Conor McGregor will join WWE [Exclusive]

Will the UFC star join WWE?

Gary Cassidy
Modified 20 Jan 2020, 03:43 IST

Sheamus opened up about the possibility of Conor McGregor to WWE

Ahead of BT Sport's WWE launch party to celebrate moving day, I had the pleasure of interviewing several Superstars inside BT Sport's WWE media bus, one of whom was Sheamus!


The Celtic Warrior told me how close he was to retirement, all about his ambition to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship - as well as fantasy booking a dream football-crossover match when I asked about a monumental BT Sport WrestleMania clash.

One other question that came up, though, was that of a potential WWE appearance or career, in the future, for UFC star Conor McGregor. I asked his fellow Irishman just how likely that would be.

"I don't know. Does he want to do the schedule? Right now, UFC fighters fight once a year, maybe twice a year. We're on the road all the time. You get people like Tyson Fury who came in for a little bit, but my theory is this - you come in for one show, a spectacle or two, but if you're serious about doing this, if you're not just here for the money, and you want to be here to get stuck in, come on the road with us every week, do you know what I mean? Do the live events, don't just do the big shows, do the small ones too.

Sheamus would go on to praise Fury:

I'm not knocking Tyson, by the way, he was great, I love his personality, it was great having him on the show in Saudi and stuff. He had a lot of fun, but the other side of that is, you get down to the nitty gritty, the smaller shows, go across the country - and that's where the passion really kicks in."

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Published 20 Jan 2020, 03:43 IST