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WWE legends Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H

Was Triple H responsible for the Montreal Screwjob?

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were involved in the Montreal Screwjob, but it looks like Triple H also had a role in one of wrestling's most notorious moments.

In 1997, Hart signed a contract with WCW after the Stamford-based company was in a rough financial position and could not afford him. Still, he refused to drop the WWE Championship to Shawn Michaels.


However, a plan was made that their eventual title match would end via disqualification to allow Bret to keep the championship, but Vince McMahon had other plans.

During the championship match at Survivor Series 1997, the match ended differently. Shawn locked Bret in a Sharpshooter, and despite not submitting, referee Earl Hebner ended the match via submission on McMahon's orders, allowing Shawn to win the title.

Although it looks like this was the idea of the former Chairman and HBK, another player who was said to be in the know was Triple H. Shawn Michaels revealed The Game was the first person to pitch the idea, but his involvement has been kept low-key.


It was said that Triple H remained clear as McMahon took most of the blame and heat of the Montreal Screwjob.

Years later, the incident remained one of the most memorable moments in wrestling. Still, it looks like time has healed all wounds, as Bret Hart stated he has forgiven those involved.

"I think for anybody in life, I think I could say and give a message – it’s important to forgive. And it sets yourself free in a lot of the time by showing forgiveness. And I’ve forgiven and moved on, and I’m a much happier man for it.”
23 years ago today, The Montreal Screwjob took place

One of the most infamous wrestling moments ever

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More details emerged from Triple H's possible involvement in the Montreal Screwjob


The King of Kings is highly-praised at the moment for his decisions on the current product of WWE. However, his long-time involvement in the company may have also caused him to make infamous decisions.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, he spoke with Bret Hart about the incident and revealed more details regarding Triple H's possible involvement in the Montreal Screwjob.

It was stated that while Vince was talking to Shawn, The Game was present and suggested not to put over Bret since he was leaving.

''Wednesday before Survivor Series Vince called Hart up and suggested that if Michaels was to put over Hart in Montreal, would he then put over Michaels clean and Hart agreed to it. Vince called Michaels, who was with HHH. In the conversation, HHH told Michaels not to put Hart over because Hart was leaving.''
#OnThisDayInWWE 25 years ago after Survivor Series:

“It really sucks… Just remember, one day, Hunter, what goes around, comes around”

Bret Hart’s then wife, Julie, scolds Triple H for the Montreal Screwjob

Fortunately, it looks like everybody involved in the Montreal Screwjob has since moved on and buried the hatchet. Still, it will remain one of the most controversial moments in pro wrestling history.

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