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WWE legend Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Which WWE legend was supposed to be 'The Rock' before Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson holds a lot of monikers in WWE and Hollywood, but one that is definitely the most popular among the rest is The Rock. It's hard to imagine seeing another veteran in the sport carry the nickname, but it did almost happen.

Ken Shamrock is just one of the superstars known to compete in other sports fields. Aside from pro wrestling, he also spent some time as an MMA fighter, where he even fought under the Pride and UFC banner and was famously known as "The World's Most Dangerous Man."


However, there was a point where he took on the moniker of 'The Rock' before it changed to the one he has now. Since then, Dwayne Johnson is mostly associated with the nickname.

The former MMA fighter then shared the conversation he had with the Hollywood actor when he was given the nickname. Shamrock then added that he had those in both his UFC and WWE contracts.

"When he started using 'The Rock' I said 'bro, you know I was The Rock first, right? He looked at me very confused and then I had a contract where I had all that carved out. So, I said, 'bro, no seriously, I got it in my contract...UFC and WWF, in both of those I had in the contract World's Most Dangerous Man, Ken 'The Rock' Shamrock, Lions Den, all those things...I own those, those are mine, those are my trademarks."

Later, Dwayne Johnson and Ken Shamrock became friends, with the former inducting the latter into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2020.


Ken Shamrock wants Dwayne Johnson to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame

The former Intercontinental Champion spent only two years in the Stamford-based promotion from 1997 to 1999 and continued his career in MMA. Although he may not have the best relationship with WWE, this can't be said towards his former tag partner.

While speaking in an interview with The Ten Count, he revealed that he would entertain the idea of being inducted into the company's Hall of Fame. Not only that, but he would even be delighted to have Dwayne Johnson be one of the people to induct him.


The two stars may have previously shared a nickname, but it's good that this didn't cause any misunderstandings between both parties.

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