"That trust was kinda broken" - Ken Shamrock discloses why he left WWE 

Ken Shamrock wrestled for nearly two years in WWE
Ken Shamrock wrestled for nearly two years in WWE

Former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock recently opened up about why he left WWE.

The World's Most Dangerous Man joined the Stamford-based company in 1997. He spent two years as a regular competitor, during which time he captured the Intercontinental Championship and the WWF/E Tag Team Championships alongside Big Boss Man. The 58-year-old also won the King of the Ring tournament in 1998. However, he left the company in late 1999 to continue his MMA career.

Speaking to VLADTV, the former Intercontinental Champion disclosed why he decided to leave WWE.

"I already felt like I was being clumped into groups and that I was just kind of a side thing now, like whatever storyline was over here we would just do. It didn't make any sense. It just didn't feel like they knew what to do with me from that point. It just felt like I was just there," he said. [4:16 - 4:35]

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Ken Shamrock had trust issues with WWE

Although Ken Shamrock initially pursued a wrestling career to support his lifestyle, The World's Most Dangerous Man later fell in love with the business. However, he felt that he deserved better treatment in the Stamford-based company.

Speaking to VLADTV, the former King of the Ring stated that he had trust issues with the company during his last days there.

"It just felt like they weren't really using me at the level that I thought I should have been used just because of where I came from. And for me to stay there and just be second fiddle when I could go and do something and be first fiddle, especially with how I was able to draw and bring in crowds, and make more money, I felt like I could do that better in the Mixed Martial Arts world because it came back. So that's when I decided like if they're not going to use me and really put me in anything that's serious then I'm gonna move on. (...) And it was always in the back of my head too that it was different there too because that trust was kinda broken," he added. [4:55 - 5:43]

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