"I have it in a contract" - 58-year-old WWE veteran claims he was originally 'The Rock" before Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is currently a Hollywood megastar
The Rock is currently a Hollywood megastar

While Dwayne Johnson has had a historic career in WWE as The Rock, former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock recently claimed that the "The Rock" nickname was originally his.

Before joining the Stamford-based Company in 1997, Shamrock had a successful run as a mixed martial artist in the UFC. While competing there, the 58-year-old adopted the nicknames "The Rock" and "World's Most Dangerous Man." While in WWE, the company continued to refer to Shamrock as the World's Most Dangerous Man. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson became The Rock.

Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, the former Intercontinental Champion disclosed that he had a conversation with Johnson after the latter started using "The Rock" nickname.

"When he started using 'The Rock' I said 'bro, you know I was The Rock first, right? He looked at me very confused and then I had a contract where I had all that carved out. So, I said, 'bro, no seriously, I got it in my contract,'" he said. (2:24 - 2:37)

Shamrock also explained in the same interview that "The Rock" nickname was in his contract with WWE.

"I have it in a contract, yes. UFC and WWF, in both of those I had in the contract World's Most Dangerous Man, Ken 'The Rock' Shamrock, Lions Den, all those things, even the action figures that had Lions Den written on them, I own those, those are mine, those are my trademarks," he added. (2:43 - 3:08)

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Ken Shamrock on his relationship with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

After joining the WWE in 1997, Ken Shamrock spent about two years as an active competitor, during which he held the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Titles. The UFC Hall of Famer also won the 1998 King of the Ring tournament before leaving the company in 1999.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Shamrock addressed his relationship with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, disclosing that he was always good to him.

"Vince was always good to me. I mean even when I went to him and told him I wanted out. You know, obviously some of the things that happened and the way they were using me I wasn't happy with. But I don't know if he was directly involved with that or not but I just, like I said, I treat people the way they treat me and he always treated me well," he said. (1:29 - 1:50)

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