Kevin Owens is one of the most natural heel mic workers the WWE has seen in years.

5 Times Kevin Owens proved he's among WWE's best on the microphone

  • Microphone work is among the most important aspects of a professional wrestlers character.
Jeremy Timmerman

Microphone work is among the most important aspects of a professional wrestler’s character. As a matter of fact, some would argue that a wrestler can have more success in WWE’s sports entertainment brand of wrestling with great mic skills and lacking in-ring ability than vice versa.

Fortunately for Kevin Owens, he has both. While his skills once the match begins are impressive, his mic skills are among the best in the WWE, and he is likely the best heel on the mic the company currently has on the roster.

Here are five times he proved just that.

Talking with his mouth full

While there’s nothing too special about this relatively short promo on Sept. 7, 2015, Owens was incredibly comfortable just walking up to Ryback with an apple, the simplest of props. What followed was funny, topical and related to what Ryback had going on that night.

It was also highly antagonistic and gave the audience that night, a sneak peak that Owens was perhaps the next man up for the Intercontinental Championship without going full-on “I am coming for your belt” like many performers might in the same situation.

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Published 02 Apr 2016, 23:43 IST